Scottish so-called American, Donald Trump will be the next President of the United States of America. This is a great time for African Nationalist. Trump will more than likely end the likely hood of World War III if he is not assassinated by some Leftwing George Soros/Rothschilds Agent. I think it anything happens to Donald Trump, it will create another civil war amongst the Whites. I hope the Soros/Rothschild Cabal is not that stupid.

I thought Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton would be President because they had the largest backing of the crooked political establishment of The United States. The machine of the USA came strong against Donald Trump with bias anti-Trump reports around the clock by CNN, Fox and MSNBC. Jeb and Hillary raised more money than Trump but the one thing they could not do was reach the ordinary White citizen who has grown weary of both parties and the direction of European-America. Donald Trump’s ability to speak truth to power and not sound like some entitled robotic machine candidate like Bush and Clinton is why he destroyed both of them. Bush and Clinton come from two families that used public office the enrich themselves and Donald Trump is a Washington outsider who came from the vision of his father Fred Trump who built most of the neighborhoods that are population today in NYC such as Southside- Jamaica Queens, Hollis, and others.

The White race as a collective is at a crossroads. A heroin and meth epidemic is wiping out young Whites, which will leave thousands of White children without parents and probably in the foster care system. The poor education in the United States can no longer compete with the Tiger nations of Asians and cheap college educated labour as well as cheap blue-collar labour has suppressed wages of all citizens and the United States. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama never connected with the real struggle, pain and displeasure many citizens feel in the Untied States. They were too arrogant thinking their celebrity and their accomplishments were enough for people to live through while they suffer but not Donald Trump. Trump a real estate entrepreneur and businessman connected with Whites and intelligent groups of other races who saw a declining social safety net be eroded by illegal immigrants who’s  visas expire in the United States because they offer crooked businessmen cheaper labour.

Barack Obama a biracial male who lied and told the world he was Black so he could deceive the ignorant masses of African people to follow the White Leftist journey to economic and moral decline was a complete and utter failure as a President. White America is about to get more conservative and many of these LGBTQ people will run back into the closet over the next few years and all these dimwitted Black morons who followed them will see that 5013c money freeze up under Trump. For Biracial and Black scumbag like Donna Brazile, Black Lives Matters, and Barack Obama the free ride is over. The true Black African Nationalist who has  a sound ideology and moral program along with economic production will have the ears and the stomachs of the African masses. I am on the fence, I might vote Donald Trump but I surely will not be voting for that racist criminal Hillary “Pearbutt” Clinton.