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Donald Chump, the General of the Last Stand of the Anglo-American Global Order will be more direct in his talks of Global White Male Hegemony. The Anti-White  Movement will benefit  because Trump will make America an  easier climate to get resources by deporting latinos who shouldn’t be here and antagonizing anti-Black non-Whites. Barack Obama had a softer more pleasant approach to Racism but Trump is taking the gloves off.

Trump’s focus will be on the global competition, Whites like him have been getting the last 40 years from China, Japan, Korea and other Nations who have enriched themselves off of European ignorance. Trump’s rhetoric can be used by African-Nationalist to try and form committees that can form trade relationships with the Nations that Trump is sure the alienate. We can also begin to convince many African heads of State of the Dangers of the White American power structure and the need to form a new anti-White military force to defend the continent from Whites, Arab’s, and Asians.

I am loving this new climate that Trump is creating. Trump is exposing the politics of White-America and his temperament will surely lead to the demise of the United States even further than the Obama/Bush/Clinton regimes has pushed it. The next President after Trump will have plans to invade Russia and bring Russia into the Nato Fold. Trump is  the calm, before the storm that is about to hit the world. The next four years we must be focused on benefitting from his policies that will further pollute the United States and drain money out to rebuild our cities and countries in Africa.

Trump main issue is not race as much as it is the White male losing his slip on the global control of Mineral and natural resources. Barack Obama was advocating that African’s freely give up their resources but Trump will redirect the focus of the Inbred Mutant Albinos foolishly to the Middle East. This is where the European-American will fail. They want to beef up their military to war with the Arabs, Persians and others for the oil and resources of the Far East. We need this pressure on the Arabs who’s plan to rob Africa was slowed down by Gadaffi’s murder.