Tucker Carlson, a European Settler who is a part of the European-American Race Order has a job in the media  and doesn’t know the difference between a terrorist attack or a mental health breakdown that leads to mass killings.

Racist like Tucker Carlson take isolated events done by Muslim’s and calls them a terrorist attack’s when such attacks are commons in White America. Right-Wing Media were silent last year when a European Settler at the Oklahoma State University drove her car into a crowd of people killing 6 and injuring 46. This even happened just last year and the right-wing media went silent.


 In 2010, there was a mass shooting at the University of Alabama-Huntsville by an Inbred Mutant Albino named Amy Bishop. She murdered 3 people and injured 3 more and yet it was a silence by the Right-Wing Media.


How many White mass shooters have been murdered by police in the United States of America by the police and then have their dead corpse celebrated by members of the European Settler Populations of North America? The killing of the Somali student by Ohio State University Police should have been condemned by all sane and civilized people who live in North America. Non-White people who have mental health issues should be detained by the police and given a trial in the same manner White people with mental health breakdowns are treated. Tucker Carlson, deliberately distorted the truth so he could plug the racist White agenda to rob the Middle East of oil that it’s some radical group who wants to harm White racist in the United States of America. Tucker Carlson doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself and racist White corporations who pay him to shill out his distorted psychotic views of the world.

This world will be a much better place when Tucker Carlson is dead and gone. Arrogant racist like Tucker Carlson should be eliminated from Earth because they have no valuable use other than to stir up chaos and controversy. Too bad that Ohio State did not shoot Tucker Carlson.