( – A record 94,708,000 Americans were not in the labor force in May — 664,000 more than in April — and the labor force participation rate dropped two-tenths of a point to 62.6 percent, near its 38-year low, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday.


The Democratic Party and its minions often claim that it is the party for everyone and looks out for the poor. You will often  hear Black and Multi-Racial people who belong to the Democratic Party chide people whom they claim to be poor-Whites for  being dumb for voting for the Republican party because they claim that Republicans do nothing for working class people and  only care about the rich. Yet, Republicans such as Trent Lott have worked to bring jobs to working-class people Black and White in small towns in the rural South. Now, it’s no doubt that the Factories will have a racial pecking order for Who gets management jobs but the lower-class and under-educated African-Americans will get a sizable portion of these jobs.

“Finally, we get to say it – Nissan in Canton, Miss. Doesn’t it sound good?” said U.S. Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, alluding to rampant speculation over the Nissan deal.

“When President Obama took office in January 2009, 80,529,000 Americans were not participating in the labor force; since then, 14,179,000 Americans have left the workforce — some of them retiring and some just quitting because they can’t find work.”

The Democrat’s view the residents of North America as dumb morons who are easily controlled by the media and the  false narratives they create through the creative writers they hire. The Democrats and left-leaning media members deliberately distort facts, stats to deceive and manipulate African people. The chief instrument of Neo-Racism/Colonialism is the use of charismatic  Biracial people or an authentic African-American politician/celebrity used to lull the masses of African people into false security even as the foundation of their communities and families crack under the weight of an ever-changing economic climate.

Barack Obama has become intoxicated off of the prestige  and lifestyle the office of the Presidency has given him. He does not see himself as a servant of the people, especially African people but rather an anointed and appointed celebrity President that people should be thankful he was elected as President. Barack Obama’s goal was to be President so he could get his face in the history books of a group of people he belongs to but never felt like he belonged or was good enough because his grandparents would stare at him in utter disgust at him throughout his childhood. I am sure Barack Obama could feel the look of disappointment in the eyes of his Grandparents that their daughter had procreated with a Black man. Mulattoes like Obama have an inferiority complex and develop a sick and twisted hate for Black males because they feel we are the reason they are rejected in the only world that matters to them the Homosexual Left Wing world.

Barack Obama is completely out of touch with the people of the United States because he has listened too long to Homosexual Hollywood Celebrities and Media Personalities who love this symbol of White Liberal power because they see him as an improved version of a Black man. He is feminine and non-threating and feel’s nothing towards African people. They viewed his presidency as a consolidation of their control over the political affairs of Black men which they use as leverage against the White right. Obama believed that the masses of people would believe the lies and distortion that he was a good President, that the empty cliché phrase of “things would have been worse” would be good enough for people to ignore their pain and suffering and hopelessness. He and the Democrats were wrong.

Donald Trump, a multi-billionaire Real Estate mogul was able to articulate the misery and suffering of the masses of White, Black, and Latinos. People are jobless, lost and ANGRY. There are tens of millions of Americans who have been suffering while Barack Obama has been living it up at the expense of the American taxpayers. Donald Trump saw this and spoke to the anger and frustration of a silent majority. Many African-American and European-American people have been too afraid to voice their displeasure and disgust with Barack Obama because of the backlash you would receive or the flat-out being ignored by Obama drones.

The Democrats were too arrogant and too pompous and ignored the poor state of the United States. Donald Trump didn’t use flattery, he spoke to the people who are overworked, underpaid, unemployed, broke, and rejected masses of people who feel that the American dream eluded them in spite of earnest efforts while incompetent ass-kisser’s  are thriving in the United States.

The angry fiery brand that Trump let off spoke to the majority of America people, not those who are living in the  temporary comfort of college student loans or those who have had government jobs but he spoke to the reality of what is going on in the United States. How was Trump able to connect to ordinary people so well? I thought about it this long and hard and realize how easy it was for Trump. Trump is in real estate and one of the greatest indices of the viability of the United States has always been the Housing and Real Estate Market. Trump majored in Finance from arguably the best Finance school in the world. Trump was the perfect candidate at the perfect time. Trump could not have beat Bill Clinton because the economy of the United States was fairly decent in the 1990s. Bill Clinton would have eaten Trump alive.

Trump came along at the right time. The United States and especially White America is in peril and decline. Barack Obama and the Democrats are actually promoting the moral decline of the United States as something positive which shows you how twisted he is. Trump who is a real estate developer and entrepreneur probably has marketing data and real estate data being given to him daily at the Trump Organization and is seeing that his opportunities are drying up because of the poor condition of ordinary American people. The reality is there is no such thing as an independent success story we are all connected economically. If you develop Real Estate and there is no one making enough money to afford what you are selling, the future of your family is in trouble and since a country is made up of people you could see that the greed, corruption, and evil of your race and Country can no longer be tolerated. Trump probably sat in his Trump Towers and looked at the data and looked around and could see things the ordinary person can’t see. He could see the housing shortages, he could see people couldn’t afford even poorly built cheaply made homes and not just anyone, he saw college educated White people in California, Tennessee, Oregon and other places struggle to make it and he knew the greed of Corporations was now putting the viability of his country in danger. Make no mistake, Trump has a personal as well as a business vested interest is making America a great economic country again but he is smart enough to realize it will start with ORDINARY AMERICAS and not clownish celebrities like Lebon, Jay-Z or Obama.

People in the United States are too sensitive and too caught up in persona versus the substance of a person. The substance of Trump’s message got lost in the over the top personality that he projected but he needed to be that to way to excite and galvanize his base. Trump sounded more like a Democrat is suppose to sound when it came to the domestic economic affairs of the United States, while Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton sounded like Republicans who often proclaim there is nothing wrong with the American economy when addressing African-Americans and the problem is African-Americans are lazy. The same policies Whites use to destroy African-Americans have been adopted and practiced on everyone and now there are many White’s who are unemployed, frustrated and angry while there are millions of illegal immigrants in the United States working jobs that block them out of the job market and I am talking people on VISAs who ran out who remain here.

Trump won because he spoke to the anger of the American people and was not afraid to talk about the economic despair that the majority of American people feel. Those who are employed in sports, entertainment or government jobs are disconnected from those who are less fortunate and believe they should suffer quietly. That quiet majority voted Trump for the simple fact he articulated the decay and destruction that has been their life the past 8 years, while the Democrats wanted to sell a fairy-tale that everyone was ok or it would have been worse if had not been Obama. But as they saying goes, you can’t eat Hope and that’s all Obama did in 8 years was given people temporary hope and did nothing but push a Gay agenda. People can’t buy food from a gay marriage license but if Trump is able to not only continue to save jobs but bring in more jobs people will be able to eat well and that is far more important than 1% of the United States population wanting to redefine marriage and experiment on childrens sexuality.