Trump is starting more and more to look like more of the same. He talked a good game asked for a chance but when you have crooked Boule Negroes like Steve Harvey being invited to the White House you know Trump’s plan for the Inner Cities of America will much like the Obozos Administrations where crooked Black charlatans will take over and run cities even further into the ground. The only thing about Trump that is positive is he will get rid of these Latinos and probably stall an eventual war with Russia.

Trump can’t save the sinking empire of the USA it’s an evil anti-African nation. Trump like all White men is afraid to deal with real African men who are strong, bold courageous and uncompromising. The Negro in the United States wants to be a slave for the most part. My advice to sincere Africans is to develop businesses in the USA, set up a bank account in the Cayman Islands and hire young Black men and women to run these business’s and make deposits and then use the money to build a community somewhere in Africa. The USA is the 2nd largest economic market in the world and unfortunately,  it’s a very important market to have a part in.

I will be focused on growing my existence businesses and investment accounts and preparing a permanent move back to West Africa where I will build the Organization of the Biological Survival of African People. OBSAP will develop a master planned community for Africans of all nationalities, ethnic backgrounds from Accra to Lagos. The USA is not a viable environment for long-term African interest. OBSAP will be for Africans 40 and focus on African marriage, African population growth and African community develop for the youth.