The Policy of The “Colored” Intellectual

The present day Negro or “colored” intellectual is no less a liar and a cunning thief than his illustrious teacher. His occidental collegiate training only fits him to be a rogue and a vagabond, and a seeker after the easiest and best by following the line of least resistance. He is lazy, dull and uncreative. His purpose is to deceive the less fortunate of his race, and, by his wiles ride easily into position and wealth at their expense, and thereafter agitate for and seek social equality with the creative and industrious whites. T ever rule, however, there is the exception and in this case it must be applied.

Marcus Garvey, The Philosophy and Opinion Pg. 123

The Passing Negro “Intellectual

It is astonishing how disloyal and selfish is the average Negro “intellectual” of the passing generation to his race. The Negro who has had the benefit of an education of forty, thirty, and twenty years ago, is the greatest fraud and stumbling block to the real progress of the race. He was educated with the wrong psychology and perspective. He indulged the belief, and carried out the practice, that to be a man, and be great, is to exploit the less fortunate members of his race, barter their rights economically and politically, and then with the attendant personal success, seek to escape the race through miscegenation.

Marcus Garvey, The Philosophy and Opinion Pg 286