The boule aren’t simply “careerist” whatever that term means as many negroes try to put it but these people are active agents of White Hegemony. These people objective is to maintain political and economic control over Blacks for their White paymasters. Boule members are typically the first “Black” this or that even though many are not Black at all, some are just White people who identify with Blacks. These people are dangerous and if sincere African’s want to overthrow them in the USA they will need to know who the players in the game are. Here are some of the devastating things Boule people do.

  1. The Boule control Ph.ds given to African people at all HBCU’s and even at some PWI’s. They will destroy a Black independent who wants to use his brain for African Liberation. At every HBCU and PWI there are Boule gatekeepers to make sure African people lean either Democrat or Republic. There is to be no talk of reparations, no talk of redistribution of wealth or no talk of the overthrow of White hegemony.
  2. Now if you are a Black man who is in the USA Army you aren’t too bright but given the case these Masonic Negroes will cost you rank
  3. At HBCU Law Schools these Negroes once again try to control your politics and will do everything they can to Whiteball you from getting certain jobs after law school.
  4. If you are at a PWI you must be very careful because if you get into a conflict with a White student these Black negroes will write you up and give you a Judicial Affairs case. A Judicial Affairs case could lead to you getting expelled from college.
  5. If a Black college professor is too African-centered he will not be retained.
  6. If a Black University has some kind of cultural event or thing exclusively for Africans space removed from White people in African space the Negroes will call them racist and try to destroy the All-Black Network.
  7. If a African is elected Sheriff, Mayor, State Senator or City Council and he uses his position to advocate and do things for Blacks they will claim that the Blacks are “getting revenge” and “using government to discriminate against Whites”. These insane clowns will even do this in a 75% Black city like Detriot.

Dr. John Hernike Clarke said we are going to have to get our hands bloody to gain freedom and many of these pseudo Pro-Black/Pro-American Negroes simply want to reform racism to make it more comfortable and make sure no sizeable number of Africans get wealth and opportunities. These Negroes don’t fear any retribution for treason against Black Africans and that must change.

I am going to do an expose’ on Negroes in America, Canada, Britain, Carribean, South America and Africa. Majority Black populated areas have a right to dominate and control their cities regardless if it favors Whites or not. We must remove integrationist and White apologist from positions of power over African people.