King Noble on President Yaya Jammeh and the lost of Gambian Independence to White Imperialism - YouTube.clipular (2).png

King Noble on President Yaya Jammeh and the lost of Gambian Independence to White Imperialism - YouTube.clipular (1).png

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The Europeans and Negroes are a united group which together work to keep Black men’s minds contained to social construct’s that keep Black men serving the interest of White Men and White women. Slavery and Colonialism have never ended it has simply evolved and today the Black male’s body is more enslaved than every but his mind is something that can be uncaged and freed.

Controlling African people through emotional exploitation and psychological manipulation is the most effective tool to get African people to become a vassal. Whites study Black history to find traumas in her evolution as a people and they use those traumas to exploit us by twisting the events to get us to agree with some kind of program they want to promote.

Example #1 From Above: The Negro girl/boy, says to King Noble, your ancestors died and bled in the USA why not concern yourself with the affairs of the USA. The USA is a White male hegemony and Black men are either servants to the USA or they have no place where their voice can actually change anything of substance. The other crazy thing about this idiotic logic is that Africans bled and slaved for Europeans to become wealthy unless Europeans REDISTRIBUTE wealth your ancestors were slaves for nothing. Yes, Africans died in many European wars but what real benefit did Africans get from it? None, fighting for another race of people to maintain their power and domination is slavery. Yes, the European male will give you comfort as long as he can rule and determine your destiny and the destiny of your children. So, because Africans lost a battle and became slaves that we should remain slaves? Because you enslaved my family and I am going to REWARD you with service? That is completely asinine and disrespectful. That is like saying European Jews should serve European Nazis because Germans killed European Jews during the Holocaust. This is the type of lunatic anti-African logic that exist.



People like girl123boy456 and Elisbete Perto want to remove the Black male as a chess piece from the Global Order. The African man has legitimate grievances against the Western World that can only be resolved through African male avenging the humiliation of slavery, colonization, jim crow and apartheid. Slavery, Colonization were bitter losses than Black men have yet to avenge there are nothing to celebrate and nothing to admire. There is no glory in being a slave, servant and a lacky for another ethnic group of men. Black men should unite regardless of place of birth because we all have a shared history and one common destiny. That is one thing the Trans-Atlantic Slaving System and Colonialization taught us. We have a  common destiny as African people and no other group of people want to see come to the seat of power. The Black Chess Piece is no even in the game and yet the African race remains one of the potential great giants. The argument that because White people committed atrocities and that Black men should not seek to do the same are asinine and racist. Black men have every right to force their will upon this world and any race of people they choose to. Whites have never atoned or been held responsibility for slavery or any other of the millions of egregious crimes they have committed and will commit towards African people.

Anyone Black male that is patriotic to a White Nation is mentally deranged and a coward. The Black male must build up his own nation and be patriotic to the rule and domination of authentic Black male leader and not flunky figureheads of Europeans, Asians or Arabs.


Every major racial group is going around to world building a stake in other peoples lands, economices and politices but this clown girl123boy456 want African men to be contained by borders created by White racist. I often hear people saying why don’t you Africans stay in Africa but will never questions Asians, Europeans or Arabs who are living in the Americas, Austraia, Africa or Israel? Why this double standard to keep the Black man in a place were you feel comfortable with him. How can you in one breathe claim Africans are the parents and every other group is a subspecies of African then in the next claim Africans should only stay in whatever village they are born in, when you are sitting YOUR ASS in a Land Europeans took from Native people looking for opporunities and still REMAIN connected to Europe IE the G7 Summit and Cold War. Why do these small minded intellectual peons believe they have a right to contain the African to where ever they think he should be. The new African male will go where the fuck he pleases and if you got a problem with do something about it.