Racism was an invention of the White European woman. The European woman begins to hear tales from European men who traveled the world about the beauty of the African women and other darkened toned Asian women. European men heard of Queen Tiye of Egypt, Queen Amina of Nigeria, Queen Nzinga of Kongo. The European women resented the lust she saw in her son’s eyes for the Native and African women’s from the world and begin to teach her sons and daughter’s that non-Whites were inferior and needed to be eliminated from the Earth.

The White woman’s complaining about the stale food and poverty of Europe drove the White male to explore the world to make his White woman happy. No matter how much the White man killed, stole and killed the White woman was never happened. This left the White male broken and dejected and the hate he had for the White woman he projected upon to the very thing he was not the non-White male. He also begins to take his sexual frustrations out of Native American and other women he found because of the White male-favored other White men sexually first he found exotic non-White women more desirable for sex, as he saw sex with a White woman as a duty to recreate the European race.



The mother of modern racism is Queen Victoria who supported White colonizers with her finances to go throughout the world and rob other Women of their men, children, grandchildren, land,  and language. Why didn’t the European Queens speak about the Equality of Women when White men were raping, robbing and stealings from African, Native Australian, Native American and Native Canadian Women? The European Queens nor European peasants went against the White man as he destroyed a countless number of Nations.


When Native American women were being removed from their ancestral homelands the White woman supported it and laughed at it. White women today still gloat and how they mistreat Native American Women.


In the 2013 movie, August: Osage County, Julia Roberts jokes that “we screwed the Native Americans out this ugly land” (Oklahoma). Many of White females have lived wealthy lives from the Oil Fields of Oklahoma but here Julia Roberts makes a mockery out of the stolen wealth of the Native American people. Meryl Streep uses Native American slurs throughout the movie. You see this was not just acting or a movie this was no different than a person wearing Blackface to mock African people’s.


Racist like Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts know that non-Whites will not watch a racist movie that is a drama so the Whites are able to promote their racism is open sight and laugh at how dumb and ignorant the non-White world is as to not to catch on to their racism.

White Power

The first time I was ever called the N-word I did not even know what it was. I was called an N-word for the first time by a White teacher who did not like my personality because I  would always ask questions that racist Whites could not answer. My first experience with racism was because we were discussing Christoper Columbus and my father had asked me a question when I spoke about a Columbus program he said: ” How do you discover something when someone is already on it”? I said you don’t. He said now you are thinking, he told me to believe very little those White people taught me in school because they were lying. I foolishly asked my teacher this not realizing I should have just kept my mouth shut. White women and White men believe that African boys are not allowed to be thinkers that thinking is a White thing and our opinions and views must first be approved by them and that they must support Whites remaining in power.

The Pipeline to Prison is real and the foot soldier in this fight to destroy the Black man educationally, economically and biologically is the White woman. The White woman ovum destroys the Black man’s seed giving him a child with no melanin and an umbilical chord connected to Europe. The arrogant and pretentious lower class White woman teacher is the greatest racist in the European world.

After the White male fights a non-White group he begins to immediately formulate a plan to destroy the minds of the children of the people he conquered. He then recruits his wife to become a school teacher and educate the non-White children to adopt European values, culture, and norms.


White women would punish and attack Native American children who wanted to uphold their culture. The Negro Apologist will say well that happened a long time ago. When I was in college I a took a class called Managerial Communications and I have a European White Supremacist Teacher. I read a chapter that spoke about Anglo-Saxon business practices and I told my teacher that I was not an Anglo-Saxon and I felt this was racist to be teachers the values of another race without respecting the values of others and this White woman sent me to the Dean of the Business School in the 2000’s.


In the African colonial system, African children were taught their languages, culture, and values were savage and barbaric and that the language, culture, and values of the White woman is superior and that good Black boys will fight to become a respected member of a White controlled society and that bad Black boys will want to be independent and free of White domination.

This is just part 1 on an eventual documentary on the mother of racism and the White woman. We will break down homosexuality, interracial sex and eugenics all schemes created by White women to destroy African people.