I remember the so-called Black and Biracial leftist talking about the corporatist agenda TPP which would have killed millions of Jobs in the United States of America. They have no written one word on Donald Trump killing this bill that would have been the nail in the coffin for African-American workers. My mind is spinning. So two middle-class millionaires Hillary Clinton and Barry Soetoro pushed this crappy bill and a billionaire german-scots klansman is killing it? Then you have the Corporate controlled media claiming TPP is killing American jobs which is even more comical. It seems the only people who are upset with Trump are multi-millionaires and negroes with government jobs.

Trump is going full throttle ahead of the wall. Trumps Wall will be Adolf Hitlers Autobahn. I don’t say that in a bad way because I for one have a tremendous amount of respect for Adolf Hitler in spite of the propaganda used to make him appear much worse than he actually was.

Trump is threating to get the homicide rate down in Chicago if Trump is able to eliminate the murders in Chicago and bring jobs to Black youths all these pro-Obama Negroes are going to look like utter fucking fools. Trump could do something I hope for and that’s split the African-American vote 50/50. I hope he puts a nail in the Boule/Careerist coffin I am tired of these scumbags Negro flunkies of the DNC and most inner city Blacks are.

Trump is living up to his word so far.