Donald Trump is giving Latinos, Asians and Arabs love taps in comparisons to what Black men and Black women faced in the United States of America from 1532 to Present. In the 1990s Latinos, East Asians and other non-Anglo/Germanic ethnic groups would come to the USA and have some White Democrat or Republican tell them to watch out for the Blacks and these people are criminals and dumb etc. etc. Now, these people aren’t being forced to start out as slaves in America, they aren’t being forced to endure Jim Crow Laws hell in most cases they are giving preferential treatment. Now you have a White Nationalist German/Scot in power and he is shifting the focus from Black men to Arab and other non-White groups and I say it’s about time. Donald Trump blocking those 30,000 Syrians from coming to the USA and setting up those Metro PCs in the Black community or their liquor stores has done more for Blacks than the Democrats have ever done in the last 35 years.  I remember Latinos celebrating George Zimmerman getting off with the murder of a 17-year-old Black kid he stalked and killed and I also remember the boot licking negroes who celebrating with them.  When Jennifer Hudson family got murdered, Donald Trump gave her free stay in the Trump towers but because some White homosexuals don’t like Trump she refused to perform at his inauguration. White homosexuals have Jay-Z saying Being White and Gay is the same thing as what Black men have faced in this country which is completely and totally disrespectful.  White Homosexuals and White Liberals have 100% control over the politics of Black America and this is a disgraceful position to be in.