White people from Syria who voted Trump probably was expecting a mass deportations of African Immigrants but got a wake-up call when these carpetbagging fake Christians entered the USA. I am sure the Obomba Administrations made sure they got a nice Metro PCS or Gas Stations in the USA where they could ride into social acceptance of the Anglo-White American Hegemonic group by using the miseducated and destroyed inner-Africans of America. I remember when I was a child in the 1990s seeing so many White Latinos flood the USA and every one of them had a nasty anti-Black attitude and displaced African-Americans in the school system and in administrative jobs. Ever notice that all the Latinos and East Indians comics all have something negative to say about Black people? Is that not odd? These White Syrians were on their way to in 1 generations becoming White Americans and telling Black children whom they discriminate against that they are from Syria and “made it” so could they. This is the type of change I predicted would happen and is why I voted for Trump.