Years ago the White media and brain-dead Black folks were bashing Bobby Brown as if he was just some bum that Whitney Houston found on his momma’s couch. When I was a child I absolutely loved the New Jack Swing Era of RnB. My father would play Troop, Guy, New Edition, Ready for the World and After 7 in heavy rotation in my car rides to school in Europe the United States. I remember as child growing my hair out to the point I could get my gumby high-top fade. I mean every Black man in European, Canada, United States and the Carribean was rocking a Gumby who had any kind of style in the mid 90s. Even though I could not fully enjoy the New Jack Swing Era because I was child too young to club or drink alcohol it was the music that shaped my young childhood and its the music that gives me the fondest memories of when I played with my friends as a child at cookouts Black people like to throw. Back when Black people were more of a unified group than we are today. Once upon a time if you saw another Black kid you had an immediate friend and your families would plan vacations and other things together. It’s truly amazing because of a BET movie everyone is NOW remembering how great of an Artist Bobby Brown was. Being a part of arguably the greatest Hip-Hop/RnB group for over 20 years, branching out on a successful solo career that won him a Grammy. This man had a successful music career and other younger artist has remade many of this classic songs. It’s truly amazing how years ago people were blaming him for a woman who was older than him being a drug addict. I remember seeing Alicia Keys White trash mother more accepted at Whitney Houston funeral than Bobby Brown and how many people were bashing this man. Being addicted to drugs doesn’t make you a bad person. Bobby Brown is one of my favorite artists ever and New Edition is still my favorite music group of all time.  To see a Grammy Winning RnB/New Jack Swing artist finally get the respect and recognition he deserved is great but also shows you just how low life the USA public is.