Obama racist rant in Ghana - YouTube.clipular.png

The Leftwing racist Comedy Central which began to use Mulattoes to bash and degrade African people after David Chappelle begin to harbor resentment for what he believed to be socially irresponsible demeaning of Black people by racist White Jewish writers who made fun of Slavery and Jim Crow and also wanted Dave Chappelle to add more White people to his show because the White executives thought Dave’s show was too Black.

The White left loves portraying Black men in Africa as dictators, tyrants or men who are incapable of governing. Racist like Trevor Noah thinks his racism and hate geared towards Black is acceptable because he is mixed and it’s not. But what kills me about this clown is how fucking HYPOCRITICAL he is. It’s like the leftwing go to is Hitler or a Black man as the epitome of evil. Even though a White US President Nuked Women and Children in Japan, White Americans practiced chattel slavery for 250 years and King Leopold killed over 15 to 40 million, Black Africans.

White Americans engaged in the most deadly intraracial conflict in the history of North America where 500,000 people died during the Civil War. Yet these murderous thugs love to smear the image of Black authority and Black power constantly. George Washington mass murdered several native American groups who were actually his allies. In, the United States we don’t need to hear about Adolf Hitler or some Black man in a remote poverty riddled part of Africa in which White multinational corporations control all the resoruces.

White Liberals eat this shit up. They love to see their little East Indian, Korean, Mulatto or Negro puppets spew their psychotic skewed view of the world. The truth of the matter is that Comedy Central and the rest of the American left was silent as Obama bombed and killed Muslims the last 8 years. This hypocrisy of this racist clown is funny.