How Does It Feel to be a 7th Class Citizens:

  1. White Men (includes Arab, Latino and other White sub-groups)
  2. White women
  3. Asian men
  4. Asian women
  5. White Gays ( these people have created a new group
  6. Dogs
  7.  Black People

Black people are 7th on the social pecking order in the United States. Black people have no real vested interest in the USA other than temporary comfort for a few and poverty for the majority. After, the tremendous sacrifice 7th class citizenship is what the White Liberal establishment has given you. Blacks right now are a permanent underclass and its a flood of White washed immigrants waiting to flood the USA to join the White club. More and More the USA is becoming unviable for African people. The Black race will make its land stand in Africa which has already been colonized 1/3rd by Arabs.