Marcus Garvey was ran out of Jamaica for not supporting the West. Marcus Garvey said he could have easily assimilated into Jamaican society and married a light skin woman but he preferred to remain African. During the Ashanti-Anglo Wars a bunch of homosexual Jamaican men who would bend over for White British men would go to Ghana and defeat Ya Asantewaa after she put her guns down when she saw these coons thinking these traitorous scumbags were there to fight for her but they weren’these limp-wristed British punks were their to fight to defend the West. Anytime you take a political stance that supports Russia or the Arab worlds view against the West some monkey shine Jamaican British Homosexual will get upset and start talking in circles about a bunch of non-sense to get you of the reality that the Arab world and Russian world can be pitted against our enemy the Anglophile West. I believe in international matter African heads of state should always support Russia against the West as Russians have gave support to Africans against Western domination. This is not say we will eat borscht and drink vodka with the Russians or that they are our allies it simply means Russia is a tool that can be used to weaken an enemy who is currently stronger than us. It was the Russian blow to Adolf Hitler that allowed the USA to rise and become the most powerful hegemony in the world. Homosexual Negroes need not come to this blog and cry like a bitch because they love the British or the Americans. I will always side against the West when it comes to their relationship with the Arab world and Russian world and I will stand by in the event of a Global War Conflict and watch the West get destroyed.