Russell Wilson's Ex-Wife Ashton Co-Signs Racist Instagram Post (PIC) - Total Pro Sports.clipular.png


Pale-skinned former wife of Multi-Racial football star Russell Wilson is bitter that her socially engineered multi-racial ex-husband used her to make himself appear safe enough to draft in the NFL and then got the type of Black woman that use to reject him in his youth. Many beta Black males were upset with Russell Wilson because he swallowed his pride and took on a Black woman who normally would think he was too lame to date. I admire him for doing it because I couldn’t do it but at the same time I don’t hate Ciara for picking a simp type guy who is safe. Most women in the USA regardless of race will fuck and give their bodies to any douche bag type man in their youth only to find a solid stable beta cuck provider as they get older. I personally dont  believe Russell Wilson is a beta cuck and find most thugs and corny wannabe bad White boys to be feminine  but Western women consider faggy men to be Alpha so I am just agreeing with their consensus.

All of the fake pale-skinned women who pursued me during high school after I had some stardom in football who came from a decent family are all married to nice beta provider lame White dudes. Ashton Meem is extremely bitter White female because any decent White male from her society is not going to want her because she banged Russell Wilson and her best friend snagged a multi-racial NFL player who is not as dull as Wilson so she played herself and I am glad to see the snow queen bitter and angry.

The NFL is probably the most racist sports league and the get to the NFL is largely based upon your personality and the degree to which you can assimilate and make White middle-class families feel comfortable. That is why many Black male athletes because docile Jesus freaks to get the announcer jobs and are forced to coon for the rest of their life to stay visible enough in White American to have access to European females (Lebron vs. Charles Barkley).