Teneile Warren is a Negro female who in the above photo is dressed like a European White male in traditional European wedding clothes “marrying” a European female. I read this Negroes article where she discusses cutting off her own mother who accepted her being gay after awhile but when she brought home an IMA female it broke her mother’s heart. It’s bad enough the mother will never have a son-in-law, it’s bad enough she will never be a grandmother and now this Negro female disown’s her own mother for a European woman.

This Negro female works in the Non-for-profit sector and on the site she posted she attened a workshop for racial reconciliation which is utterly comical. White liberals have created a new theory to maintain White hegemony and racism over Black’s called “racial reconciliation. African people were never with Europeans, we had our own nations, own values, own spiritual systems and freedom until they showed up and begin to bring something called Western interest and Western influence to the shores of Africa and you see the great impact it has had upon us to this day.

This current generation of Whites is working on destroying the minds of the Black children yet to be born, they are creating an illusionary world where racism will appear to be normal to the Black child and the Black child will accept being dominated by IMAs as natural and normal because they will see Black men married to White females, Black women married to White females and see photos of racial reconciliation and never see the true images of Africa and Black power prior to being destroyed by Whites.

Dr. Amos N. Wilson said that the White race plans to never give up social control over Africans and to forever keep Black men under the rule and domination and the LGTBQ Agena is apart of it.