African people, I was manipulated into supporting or voting Trump based upon the argument that this devil would be better than Hillary Clinton. This demonic devil is pushing the same agenda that the Clinton/Obozo Regimes pushed and actually has the world closer to World War III than ever. I betrayed the African Nationalist centre of Marcus Garvey, John Henrike Clarke and Dr. Bobby E. Wright. This was not a chess move, this was stupidity. Intelligent African people did not vote for either party were the right ones. While Trump may be correct on moral issues such as pedophilia and homosexuality, and he will throw a few crumbs toward HBCU’s we should not support nor engage with this War Criminal. He has renigged on all of his campaign promises and has escalated things in the world because his approval rating are low and wars tend to get support for these demonic people called President of the United States.

Our goal as African Centered Nationalist should always be the overthrow of White power and Donald Trump is a representative of Global White Western Hegemony and Power. My hate for this hypocrite has only grown more over the last few weeks. His illegal bombing of Syria, his threats to the beautiful people of North Korea.

To African Nationalist, I sincerely apologize and I will never make this mistake again.