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These are statistics from 2013, notice that White male and White females are at a perfect 7%. This 7 % are the spies used to promote European Ideals and to undermine the races of the world through Interracial mixing. White women and White men are working together to not only destroy Black people but to bed, the races of the world as a means to keep the world under Anglo Domination. Recently, a friend of mine at University told me of this European woman who is married to a Turkish man, this Inbred Mutant Albino has constantly criticized the Turkish Government to the Class and this is a Biology class.  I remember when I was a youth my father took my to visit his Negro friend who was married to an IMA woman, I will never forget how rudely the IMA treated my mother and one thing about Whites is that when they are among non-Whites they must find an evil or bad person regardless if that person is doing anything bad to them or not and the person who is the evilest is the person with the most African characteristics and my mother fit the bill too a tee.


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There has been propaganda that the White race is dying out and that “we” need to breed out White people but according to the U.S. Census theWhite population is growing. White people are willing to risk 7% of their total population in order to maintain their illegitimate and RACIST Rule. 7% of the White population of the USA would be 15.5 million people that is enough people to wipe out Blacks as they have done with the Native-Americans. Native-Americans are a thoroughly conquered and destroyed people the final stage of a White annihilation of a species is intermixing.

Just as White-Americans are building casinos on the pretense of being Native American’s you will have White people in 100% control of Reparations for Slavery and Colonialism.


These two devils Rachel Doezel and Shaun White are a growing pattern of White people who are proclaiming themselves to be Black. Remember,  events become patterns and patterns become a way of life. This devil Shaun White even quotes the legendary Dr. Bobby E. Wright who understood the full context of the evil of these people. The biological survival of African people is at stake. Do not become drunk off the materialism or the kinky sex the Europeans have to give you the ultimate goal of the White race is to exterminate Black people.

There is an abundance of White couples in TV, Movie, Film and Music. To show you how racist and mentally twisted the United States of America is lets look no further than Darius Rucker, a Negro country music singer. This man is the product of two African people producing a child but when he sings about love in all his videos the couples are always White people. His mannerisms and walking patterns mimic that of a European male. He is also married to a European woman and has European children.