mulatto loves

You will have 1 million fathers in your life but only one mother” – African Proverb

Jesse Williams a 75% White European male and pro-LGBTQ advocate is now dating nearly 40-year-old Minka Kelly and has left his 50% White wife probably to have children with the washed-up  C carpet actress who has dated several multi-racial men probably because she is not attracted to White males and she was too old for Derek Jeter to take seriously.

Pseudo-Black people in the USA find this to be news, I find it to be nothing out of the ordinary as Minka Kelly is a significant upgrade from his unattractive Biracial wife. Why would any man go Biracial when you can get the genuine article? Biracial women are becoming obsolete.

I don’t find IMA women to be attractive and a Biracial woman could never measure up to a Black woman, so I understand why Jesse Williams did what he did. He followed his heart and went home to find a woman like his mother.

Black’s who are looking to Biracial for leadership are self-loathing losers who are not serious about African Liberation. Stop worrying about Jesse Williams because he is not worrying about you.