“Again the question of “what to do?” There is no evidence that the Black and white races can live in close proximity to each other in peace without whites attempting to oppress and exterminate Blacks. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that even white ethnic groups cannot live together, e.g., irish and english, greeks and turks, arabs and jews, etc. Behavioral scientists generally agree that there is no known cure for the psychopath. In fact, it is a widely held belief that the only successful treatment for the psychopath is incarceration, radical psycho-surgery, or death. Therefore, since Blacks are at war with psychopaths, violence is the only way.”

“Some have become catatonic and do not move at all but wait for divine intervention, while others place their faith and energies in charismatic guides who are just as lost as their followers….Some persevere and pursue old beaten paths that invariably lead back to the starting point. But there are others whose minds have moved past the psychopath’s imposed boundaries and they have begun to blaze new paths toward Blacks’ rendezvous with destiny. So it was with Chaka in the 1700s, Dessalines in the 1800s, Martin R. Delaney in 1852, Henry Turner in 1880, Marcus Garvey in the 1920s, Malcolm X and H. Rap Brown in the 1960s, and Chancellor Williams in the 1970s. The answer to Blacks’ problems can be found in the works and lives of these Black heroes. They all looked at the matador or psychopath for what he was and is, and moved against him.”


Dr. Bobby E. Wright is one of the founding fathers of my African-centered ideological development.

For hundreds of years they have been charging at the banners that are held by the European (White) matadors. Those banners have been represented by concepts such as democracy, capitalism, marxism, religion and education. And they remained constant as long as Blacks were assets. However, with technology and worldwide industrialization on the rampage resulting in a further exploitation of Africa’s resources which in turn produces an increase in Africa’s (Blacks’) national consciousness. Blacks are now a threat and a liability to the White race and the banner held by the matador represents only one concept—genocide. As a consequence, the major research that White scientists are involved with today is genocidal in nature, e.g., nuclear warfare, population control, medication control, genetic engineering, psychosurgery, electrical stimulation of the brain and the highly complex science of behavioral technology. Therefore, it is indeed Black’s moment of truth and it is time for them to look at the matador.”


“Black people are the only people on the planet that doesn’t know they are involved in a war. We have only one battle left and that’s the battle for our minds.”
-Dr. Bobby E. Wright


“….in their relationship with the Black race, europeans (whites) are psychopaths and their behavior reflects an underlying biologically transmitted proclivity with roots deep in their evolutionary history. The psychopath is an individual who is constantly in conflict with other persons or groups. He is unable to experience guilt, is completely selfish and callous, and has a total disregard for the rights of others. This premise is supported by overwhelming scientific evidence.”

Bobby E. Wright
The Psychopathic Racial Personality


“Black kill Blacks because they have never been trained to kill Whites, therefore, it is outside their experience. Historically, the European system has encouraged the killing of Blacks and since Blacks have been led to believe that they are part of the psychopath’s system, they simply follow the practice. Dr. James Comer is another Black psychiatrist whom the psychopaths have so overwhelmed that he has moved, as his book suggests, Beyond Black and White. Cobbs and Grier follow this tradition of Blacks studying themselves rather than their oppressors by concluding in Black Rage that Whites make Blacks so mad that they kill themselves. Black scientists generally rationalize their investigations as proving to White scientists that Blacks can be ‘scientifically objective.’ On the subject of objectivity in science, this author takes the position of Dr. Jacob Carruthers in his brilliant essay on ‘Science and Oppression.’ Brother Carruthers states that ‘science is not objective nor is it neutral.’ A Black scientist who moves outside the psychopath’s ‘approved course of study’ takes the chance on being labeled ‘unscientific, emotional, biased,’ etc. Additionally, funds are only available to Black scientists who support the approved course of study, which is themselves. Many very competent Black students who are naïve about ‘White scientific inquiry’ are flunked out of schools because of their insistence of studying the etiology [The study of causes, origins, or reasons.] of Black problems—rather than the effect. Black students must be taught that White educational institutions are the matador’s cape that protects him from Black scientific inquiry which would expose an unthinkable depth of psychopathology.”

Bobby E. Wright, Ph.D.
“The Psychopathic Racial Personality: and other essays”


“Our Black mission is clear, [Afrikan warriors] are men and women of destiny and their task is to develop a social theory which will liberate the minds and bodies of their people. They must take the unequivocal position that if the Black race is to perish, the world must perish with them. Blood debts must be repaid in blood. Blacks must never accept money and privileges as repayment for the mistreatment of their people. The past Black generations who suffered for no other reason than the color of their skin must be avenged not because of hate but for justice.”

Bobby E. Wright


The prophesy of B.F. Skinner (1971) in “beyond freedom and dignity” is now a reality. Skinner articulated that it is possible to “delude” people into believing that they have the essence of life – Freedom and dignity – and still control them.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright


“The definition of power is a PSYCHOLOGICAL question. It is not a military question. It is not a economic question. It’s not a social question. It is a psychological question. Power is the ability to define reality and to have other people respond to your definition as if it were their own. Our dilemma, our problem is that we allow other people to define the meaning of who we are. And once we accepted their definition we gave them power.”

Dr. Bobby Wright


“There is one essential condition in order for the process of Mentacide to be effective, namely, the control of the opposing group’s institutions or the power to significantly influence them. Unfortunately, for the Black race, that condition exists through the world….The technique of Mentacide deludes Blacks into believing that there is a commonality between them and oppressed whites, which leads Blacks to attempt to form alliance with them. Yet, in spite of historical failures of these alliances to benefit Blacks, they continue to pursue this process. Unfortunately, Blacks will continue to utilize white directed techniques in attempting to solve their problems and will continue to be unsuccessful until they can develop a ‘Black Social Theory’…A social theory determines the destiny of a people by establishing guidelines of life, e.g., it defines their relationship with other living things, it defines values and rituals , methods of education , how enemies are to be dealt with, etc. The ultimate achievement of Black Social Theory would be the recreation of Black culture.”

Bobby E. Wright
“Mentacide: The Ultimate Threat to the Black Race”


Blacks have made and are still making the tragic mistake in basing the worldwide Black Liberation movement on moral suasion. It is pathological for blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable.

Bobby E. Wright
Psychopathic Racial Personality


“One of the best methods that can be used to measure the psychopathic traits of the White race is by observing and analyzing their universal overt behaviors and attitudes towards Blacks. However, in doing that, since Blacks have been enslaved and colonized by Whites, a very subtle psychological problem is posed that every Black should be aware of, i.e., merely having intellectual insight about Whites does not insure that there will be a corresponding change in Blacks’ behavior and attitude toward them, even when there is a threat involved or particularly when there is a threat involved. For example, everywhere one finds Whites and Blacks in close proximity to each other, the Whites are in control, whether it is Chicago or Zimbabwe. Yet, Blacks rarely question this extraordinary universal phenomenon which defies every known statistical law of probability. In fact, Blacks denounce those who simply raise this question with admonitions such as ‘we should not be racists and treat them as they have treated us.’ In reply to the latter, Whites are not going to stand for Blacks to treat them as they have treated Blacks so that requires no discussion. However, the subject of Black racism should be discussed. A functional definition of racism could be ‘the oppression and exploitation of people because of their race.’ Using this definition, it is very clear that at this point in time BLACKS CANNOT BE RACIST because of their LACK OF POWER to oppress anybody; White, Indians, Chinese, etc.”

Bobby E. Wright, Ph.D.


For centuries, Euro-psychiatry and Euro-psychology have provided the “scientific” justification for racism.

The emergence of racism was certain to happen considering the basic philosophies that govern the psychiatric and psychological professions. The first is the “survival of the fittest” principle, which underlies the psychiatric eugenics (racial “improvement”) movement; the other is the psychiatric idea that man is merely an animal. Together they form a mentality that breeds anti-social theories and attitudes, including racist ones.

In 1 883, British psychologist Francis Galton created the term “eugenics,” from the Greek word eugenes, meaning “good stock,” and defined certain racial groups as “inferior.”

Through their history of invented racial “diseases,” psychiatry and psychology have not only legitimized modern racism, but also provided the justification for outright genocide.

Further, In 1797 Benjamin Rush, the “father of American psychiatry” declared that the color of Blacks was caused by a rare, inherited disease called “Negritude,” which derived from leprosy He said the only evidence of a “cure” was when the skin color turned white. This “disease” was used as a reason for segregation, so that Whites would not be “infected.”

Even more, In 1851, Samuel A. Cartwright “discovered” a mental disease peculiar to Black slaves that he called “Drapetomania” — the urge for slaves to run away from their “masters.” The “treatment” prescribed was “whipping the devil out of them.”


“When Afrikan fathers choose not to prepare their sons for the revolutionary overthrow of their oppressors, they betrayed their children and their race. They thereby earned the hatred of their sons and come to live in fear of them.”
– Dr. Amos N. Wilson


“Black men will kill each other because they have not yet chosen to challenge and neutralize on every front the widespread power of white men to rule over their lives.”

Amos N. Wilson