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From the very inception of my creation of Amos Magazine, I sat out to create a platform to espouse African-centered ideologies which would create a Black social theory that would recreate African culture for the sole purpose to overthrow the Anglo-Domination of African people and to avenge the humiliating losses of the slavery and colonization.

I never once stated that I was an adherent to Amos N Wilson.  I honestly, don’t even know what the hell that means. The only thing you can truly be adherent to is a religion but a socioeconomic philosophy of another man under your leadership is up to your interpretation. Chairman Mao while he was influenced by the Western world, never the less was a Chinese Nationalist who wanted to create a Chinese Empire. I am sure Negroes will claim otherwise.

Now, anyone who has followed me for the last 3 years will attest to the fact that I have alway’s stated that main objective was the overthrow of White Anglo-Dominations and to thwart any non-African rule over African people. Yet, I have someone who is attaching themselves to this platform on the basis that I am not an adherent to Amos N. Wilson which is a slanderous accusation.

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When you google Amos Magazine, something I have worked hard for years there is this line attached to my site that I am not an adherent to Amos N. Wilson. What is the purpose of this baseless allegation? My, belief is this person does not want African people to direct their energy in the overthrow on Anglo Domination and wants to stop me from spreading anti-White propaganda even though Whites espouse anti-Black propaganda daily. If you check this site it will be NO MENTION at all of the White slanders of the Black image.

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I stated from the very beginning whom the African race was at war with. I stated from the very beginning who my eternal enemy was. If you read the comment section, Kushite Prince quoted Dr. Amos N. Wilson. “If we don’t know ourselves, not only are we a puzzle to ourselves; other people are also a puzzle to us as well. We assume the wrong identity and identify ourselves with our enemies. If we don’t know who we are then we are whomever somebody tells us we are.” My purpose for this article was based upon Dr. Amos N. Wilson saying one of the major problems with African people is they identify with their ENEMIES (US, UK, Canada).  I then further stated in this same article the forefathers of African-centered Biological thought.

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Dr. Chinweizu…Let’s look at who he states clearly are the enemies of Africans…


As with the recent overthrow of Yahya Jammeh, the sanctions placed upon Robert Mugabe have all come from Anglo-Saxon nations power block: Australia, United Kingdom, United States and Canada.  Nigeria is the most populous Black nation in the world and it is clear to whom is our greatest threat:

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The largest populations of African people in the world are the United States with 40 million, Nigeria with 150 million and Azania South Africa 45 million. These represent 235 million Black African peoples who are not under the threat from the Chinese, Russians or North Koreans. This is not even including Ghana, Togo, and other Francophone nations. We will discuss that later.

Chinweizu on the Current War we are in as African People:

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Negroes such as Africanhasitsownresources/Jim Crown and ACBN seems to reject the analysis of Amos Magazine and Chinweizu and simple want to develop Black power the under White man’s rule and do not want any kind of confrontation with European men of any real consequence and that is fine with me.

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“He ha an obsession with European dominance and not African improvement.” My obsession with European domination has to deal directly with African improvement. It is European Domination of African people and the FEAR of this threat is the only way to wake up African people to actual do something.

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My inspiration comes from Chinweizu and Malcolm X. Chinweizu goes int to details about Mao’s China, The Meiji Restoration and how these people used the European threat of Domination as a focus point to motivate their people of the need to organize to overthrow and prevent European power over Japan and China. Both, China and Japan went to war with the Western White man and this lead to a MOTIVATING FACTOR of each group to IMPROVE itself. European dominance was the major MOTIVATING FACTOR.

“Red China after World War II closed its doors to the
Western whit world. Massive Chinese agricultural,
scientific, and industrial efforts are described in a book
that life magazine recently published. Some observers
inside Red China have reported that the world never has
known such hate-white campaign as is now going on in this
non-white country where, present birth-rates continuing, in
fifty more years Chinese will be half the earth’s
population. And it seems that some Chinese chickens will
soon come home to roost, with China’s recent successful
nuclear tests. – Malcolm  X

They threw
the British out, along with the Uncle Tom Chinese. Yeah,
they did. They set a good example. When I was in prison, I
read an article — don’t be shocked when I say I was in
prison. You’re still in prison. That’s what America means:
prison. When I was in prison, I read an article in Life
magazine showing a little Chinese girl, nine years old; her
father was on his hands and knees and she was pulling the
trigger ’cause he was an Uncle Tom Chinaman, When they had
the revolution over there, they took a whole generation of
Uncle Toms — just wiped them out. And within ten years
that little girl becomes [sic] a full-grown woman. No more
Toms in China. And today it’s one of the toughest,
roughest, most feared countries on this earth — by the
white man. ‘Cause there are no Uncle Toms over there.” – Malcolm X

The threat of the Western man is what took the Japanese and the Chinese to new heights. Even tough Japan is a client state they have deliberately caused harm to the American economic system. Amos N Wilson stated how the Japanese flood the USA Market with their products but rarely purchase American created goods thus creating a negative trade imbalance.

I am not apart of the ACBN movement, I like and comment on many videos on Youtube doesn’t mean I am a part of some leaderless nameless organization. For the record, I will never work with Bhezitka and I if I ever get a chance to get my hands on Africahasitsownresoures I will box his head off for 3 rounds for slandering my name.

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Here comes another STRAW MAN argument. “Your fixation on Whites is what triggered my response.” He concluded that I was “fixated on Whites because I made the comment on a video that directly correlates to White people. A White woman’s child being declared as Black.

BIRACIAL - Rachael Malonson - is not Black- Miss -Black- UT Example of -One Drop Rule Mind- Disease - YouTube.clipular (2).png

This was my comment. My comment spoke about the mental disorder of the White race which has been proven in several White nations around the world. 1. Brazil 2. Australia. Where it’s a policy of the White race to try and erase groups they dislike based upon the one drop rule.  In Brazil and Australia, they had government policies to Whitening their populations. I gave a reasonable explanation for the psychosis and this Jim Brown who is either Bhekitza or Africahasitownresources stats that I have a fixation on White people.

This is an example of the reason why I would not join ACBN, I would never work with Bhezikta. I just don’t have the patience for such lies, slander, and stupidity. This is BITCH  LIKE BEHAVIOR. I expect women to gossip and mischaracterize but men? No

This foolish person begins to talk about living in China, speaking Chinese, teaching English which had nothing to do with the video nor the policies of Whites which they are implementing around the African continent. I would have dismissed such a person from my website for being a fool.

I am triggering people I don’t know based upon unfounded claims. The same thing started with this Africanhasitresources clown over my stating the Russian’s are a sovereign nation, this person is so insane he thinks Siberia is in East Asia. This type of insanity has become the norm with ACBN and no matter how much logic and analysis you give them people they will always retort with a straw man argument based upon their dislike of critical analysis of Whites. If you can’t take someone speaking unkind about Whites then you surely will not want a person to kill White people.

I don’t believe these people are serious or sincere about destroying White Hegemony. They are people with no real ideology, no real stance and once you say something that offenders them because in their personal lives they have White friends or lovers they get upset. People like this will not fight for African people.