The Black Child: A Destiny In Jeopardy  (1974)
From : The Psychopathic Racial Personality and Other Essays
By Bobby E. Wright

One of the most tragic beliefs widely shared by Blacks throughout the world is that White-controlled educational institutions regardless of whether they are elementary schools or universities will educate our children. Faith continues to prevail in spite of overwhelming evidence which disputes this belief. Blacks continue to ignore the irrefutable truth that, in a racist social system, all institutions will reflect, protect, and sustain values that are consistent with racism.

This should not be considered surprising or profound since all institutions serve to perpetuate the social theory of the group which created them. Therefore, in any social system established by Whites, the institutions will reflect racism. Likewise, White-established institutions in Black-controlled countries will continue to protect the welfare of Whites even after the Whites ostensibly leave.

For example, Blacks in Zimbabwe accepted a constitution which gave a 4 percent White minority control of the judicial, military, and economic institutions in return for their agreeing to stay in the country, they also accepted as a leader of the Whites, the former prime minister of the country, Ian Smith, who is responsible for tens of thousands of Black deaths and indescribable Black suffering. Furthermore, even the Patriotic Front, an indigenous liberation force, accepted the condition that Britain could write the constitution for Zimbabwe. The behavior of Brother Mugabe of the Patriotic Front, a self-proclaimed Marxist, and of Brother Muzorewu, a collaborationist and Christian minister, reinforces the concept that white institutions always prepare Blacks to protect White interests regardless of their political ideology. This is consistent with the theory Neely Fuller (author of The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept) as explained in The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (1991):

The behavior of Brother Mugabe of the Patriotic Front, a self-proclaimed Marxist, and of Brother Muzorewu, a collaborationist and Christian minister, reinforces the concept that white institutions always prepare Blacks to protect White interests regardless of their political ideology. This is consistent with the theory Neely Fuller (author of The United Independent Compensatory Code/System/Concept) as explained in The Isis Papers by Dr. Frances Cress Welsing (1991):

Fuller goes further to develop the concept that racism is not merely a pattern of individual and /or institutional practice but is indeed a universally operating system of White supremacy rule and domination in which the effective majority of the world’s white people participate. He discounts as invalid theories which state that the evolution of economic systems has necessitated or produced this state of affairs. Instead, he turns such theories upside-down by suggesting that various economic systems such as capitalism, communism, and socialism have been devised, used, and refined in the effort to achieve the primal goal of White domination.

In other words, the goal of the system of white supremacy is not for anything other than the establishment, maintenance, expansion, and refinement of world domination by members of the group which classifies itself as the White Race.

What does the above discussion have to do with educating the black child? EVERYTHING. Education is a political dynamic and for a people who have no social theory, reading, writing, and arithmetic should be much less important than what is written and read. Therefore, in order to liberate the minds of Black children, a Black social theory must be developed. There is an African proverb which warns the traveler of life that if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there. Blacks throughout the world don’t know where they are going, and have resolved to just take any road, what does it matter?

A social theory determines the destiny of a people by establishing guidelines of life. It defines values and rituals, methods of education, how enemies are to be dealt with, etc. the ultimate achievement of a Black culture. The eminent Black scientist, Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop (1976), succinctly placed culture in its proper perspective by stating the following:

I consider culture as a rampart which protects a people, a collectivity. Culture must, above all, play a protective role: it must ensure the cohesion of the group. Following this line of thinking, the vital functions of a body of African human science is to develop this science of collective belonging through a reinforcement of culture. This can be done by developing the linguistic factors, by reestablishing the historical the consciousness of African and black people so as to arrive at a common feeling of belonging to the same culture and historical past. Once this is attained, it will become difficult to divide and rule and to oppose African communities one against the other.

Black children can be educated only after Blacks develop a philosophy of education, which must be contained in a Black social theory. There is no alternative to this dictum and, without it, even Black independent schools will fail to reach their full potential. It should be clear that Black independent schools can exist by themselves but will be limited in what they can accomplish as long as there is an absence of other Black institutions, e.g., economic, military, religious, etc. Furthermore, neither can exist in a vacuum; their values and purposes must be consistent with the ideals that are contained in a social theory.

One of the most valid methods of evaluating the condition or status of a people is to examine the process of their child-rearing practices. The Black child today, whether in the United States, Africa, South America, etc., stands as a tragic example of a powerless, directionless people. Throughout the animal kingdom, there is generally an inviolate law which dictates that the young are to be protected at all costs. Yet, in Black communities, not only are children not protected, but in too many cases are offered as sacrificial lambs to a devouring enemy. Therefore, one continues to witness the sorry spectacle of black parents delivering their children to an overt and covert hostile White enemy with the pathological demand that they educate them. There is very little that explains this type of mass human behavior except mentacide, a concept which entails: the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s mind with the ultimate purpose being the expiration of that group.

In the United States, Blacks operate under another dangerous menticidal assumption. Many believe that there is value in an integrated educational environment, thereby accepting the fatal implication that education is objective and neutral. Blacks persist in this behavior despite the fact that there is no significant evidence which shows positive educational achievement in such settings as opposed to segregated educational experiences. In Chicago, the Black leadership is demanding that a school system comprised of a ratio of 80 percent children of color vis–vis 20 percent White Children be integrated at all costs, Furthermore, they proclaimed a victory when the Black Administration of the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare refused federal funds to the Chicago Board of Education and referred the case to the Department of Justice. Black leaders and parents are so obsessed with the concept of the closer we get to Whites, the white we will get syndrome that they are willing to pay any price, including the destruction of our children’s minds.

They totally ignore the fact that since 1954, we have completely lost all control, regardless of how minimal, over our children’s education. In the south, under the guise of integration, thousands of Black teachers and administrators of formerly all-black schools were replaced with whites and are now unemployed. In Chicago, the Black leadership accepted a plan whereby the teaching and administrative force would remain at 65 percent White and 35 percent other.In other words, throughout this nation, when Blacks speak of integrating schools, they do not show any concern over who teaches their children. In fact, Blacks take the general position of, we don’t care what color the teachers are as long as they are qualified. Yet, if Black parents were asked, what are the qualifications for teaching, they could not tell you. However, the behavioral attitude of most Black educators is even more tragic. Even as those educators observe and experience their own personal economic destruction and the destruction of the minds of their children, they still exhort the virtues of integrated education. Dr. Chancellor Williams(1974), in his incomparable book, The destruction of the Black civilization stated:

Those Negroes who are so frantically fighting to escape from the African race by way of integration and amalgamation will continue to meet everlasting and universal opposition from the Whites. The Negro drive to be with Whites in every situation is equaled by the determination to prevent it. Yet, the Whites must truly feel a sense of pride in seeing this negro leadership so clearly validating their own beliefs in White superiority. Their pretended Quality Education objective actually collapses under the wheels of busing for racial balance. They are proclaiming to all the world that, regardless of general desegregation, in any all-Black or predominantly Black population, the Blacks themselves are utterly incapable of achieving or maintaining high standards of excellence in education or, indeed anything else. Here we have, within the race, the intolerable situation of an anti-Black group proclaiming the races inherent inferiority more effectively than the Whites ever could precisely because this group is regarded as Black.

BIRACIAL - Rachael Malonson - is not Black- Miss -Black- UT Example of -One Drop Rule Mind- Disease - YouTube.clipular (3)


Clearly, I am not suggesting that Whites are omnipotent. On the contrary, history tells us that they will be had. However, it will not be done by Blacks engaging in Mythology, denial, or escapism, etc., but only by our actively and consciously participating in the destruction of racism, which means the destruction of White civilization. We must accept the indisputable fact that racism and western civilization are synonymous events and as the song says, you can’t have one without the other. *** ( 3 STAR CONCEPT) 

We must be about the business of liberating the minds of Black children. In order for that to occur, the minds of all Blacks who interact with them must also be liberated. There is no other way. It is relatively easy to educate Black children, even about their Africanity. But, it is extremely difficult to reinforce the education. Therefore, even sitting in the same classroom, White children will be educated and Black children will be trained. The White child will be taught how to rule and the Black child trained to be ruled. Training is defined as teaching a group what to think rather than how to think, making them dependent rather than assisting in developing skills which could be used for the independent activity, rewarding behavior that operated against their group’s interest, promoting individual rather than group achievement, and instilling negative self-concepts and low self-esteem. The opposite of the above menticidal process (training) is education in which the learning process becomes a liberating force.

Black independent schools are important not only for how they teach but for what is taught. Their purpose of instilling within Black children an African Worldview is the most important activity those children will ever experience. Black parents whose children are not in independent schools should at a minimum expose them to a well-structured supplemental Black educational program. Some of the most dangerous Blacks in the world are many of those brothers and sisters who finished graduate school with honors and yet operate against the interest of Blacks because of their Eurocentric orientation. The writer does not mean to imply that Blacks should not attempt to achieve high levels of �training� in White institutions, but should be aware that it is not �

The writer does not mean to imply that Blacks should not attempt to achieve high levels of training  in White institutions, but should be aware that it is not education they are receiving. Furthermore, there is no attempt here to glamorize the street mentality that is so prevalent in the Black community today and which is creating widespread destruction. One of the most prevailing mentacidal myths in the Black community is that street sense is positive. What is really being inferred is that Whites do not control the streets in the Black community nor the behavior of Blacks on those streets. This is untrue. Whites have more control, or at least as much control, over brothers and sisters in the streets than over those in universities. Street sense: generally prepares Blacks to deal with one another in very destructive ways and then the Whites wipe-out the winner. The population of prisons, drug programs, and funeral homes verify this reality. Yet, Black children in increasingly large numbers are having to choose between two White institutions—the public schools and the public streets. Both will lead to destruction.

The solution to our problem is the development of a Black social theory which will lead to the salvation of our children’s minds. We must accept the fact that all activities are political and whether they operate for or against our interests will be determined by our developing the ability to realistically assess and control the dynamic relationship between us and our enemies.

A Black Social Theory will lead us out of the Whiteness of Eurocentric madness and into the Blackness of African salvation.