Party Flag

Founded in 1987

Cheif Ideology: Palestinian nationalism/Islamic Nationalism

Religion: Sunni Islam

Strength: 30,000 

Leader: Mousa Mohammaed Abu Marzook

Hamas rejects the made up “reconciliation tactic” of the Western European people. After European people steal your land or conquer you, they all speak of reconciliation when really their objective is to get your leaders to submit and legitimize their illegitimate encroachment upon your people.

Hamas is an organization that’s what to coexist as Palestinian people and not become subjects to Israel a proxy state of the Anglo-Judeo West.

The USA wants Hamas to recognize Israel as a State. White men from Western Europe always seek to force people to submit to their aggression and authority. This is how the USA conquered the Indigenous people of the Americas. They are masters at buying time until they can destroy you.

On October 2, 2009, Damascus-based Hamas politburo chief Khaled Meshaal said the following in a speech commemorating the anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem from the Crusaders by 12th-Century Islamic leader Saladin (Salah al Din): “As the Crusaders’ occupation of Jerusalem ended, the occupation of the city by the Zionists will end…. [J]ust as the Crusaders failed over many decades to falsify the facts of history and geography, so too do the Zionists today fail to falsify their claim to history, the land, and geography. Palestine and Jerusalem will remain Arab and Islamic, God willing.”

Here the Palestinian people speak of the common trait of European people and that is falsifying history in order to justify their claim to destroy and oppress other people. This is a common GLOBAL theme with the White race. This must be a biological drive within them to make up stories and use them to justify their actions.

Hamas is an acronym of the Arabic phrase حركة المقاومة الاسلامية or Harakat al-Muqāwama al-Islāmiyya, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”. The Arabic word ‘hamas’ (حماس) means “courage” or “zeal”. The Hamas covenant interprets its name to mean “strength and bravery”.

Misson Statement of Hammas: To contribute in the effort of liberating Palestine and restoring the rights of the Palestinian people under the sacred Islamic teachings of the Holy Quran, the Sunnah (traditions) of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and the traditions of Muslims rulers and scholars noted for their piety and dedication.

Hamas belives it is fighting Zionism, it is not. It doesn’t matter if the Europeans proclaimed themselves to  be protestant, catholic, humanist they are fighting European colonizations and domination and have carved a niche for itself. This is an organization that I will draw influence and I believe African men could create something similar around the globe.