Historically, Africans welcomed Europeans regardless of where they landed on the continent. African men never had a biological and genetical hate for anything that was non-African. How do you think Cecil Rhodes, David Livingston, and other Europeans were able to be so well received in the interior of Africa.  It is a myth told in the United States of America that Europeans never could enter the interior of Africa. Initially, they couldn’t but with the Maxim Gun, they the Europeans were able to subdue any African leader who resisted.

Racism is not a part of the psychological, historical and cultural experiences of African people. Many Africa’s willingly became Christians, Catholics, and Muslims without looking at the non-African spiritual systems as inferior. In African language, their are no racial slurs for Whites, Asians or Arabs. Yet, in every European language, there are racial slurs towards the African race.

African’s don’t have a biological drive against non-African people to destroy their culture, religion or humanity. Africans for centuries had more power than Europeans and often played around with them because they did not then or now understand European intentions.

You better be extremely careful about anyone who is trying to advocate that African people are not racist simply because they have no power or are not powerful. African people do not understand racism. Racism is a part of European consciousness.

I see the White race as the true enemy of African people but I would not want to give Europeans African names, force them to wear African clothing, criticize them for not speaking African languages properly. What is the purpose of such insanity?

I guess the Republicans and Conservatives of the West are now propping up a group of pseudo pro-Blacks to promote European ideals and ideology while appearing to be Pan-African. Be very careful of such type of people.

When the Europeans first encountered African men, we had better militaries and were more powerful and if we had the biological drive to exterminate people of a different race we would have got rid of them and it would be nobody to do a damn thing about it.