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How an American Consultancy Helped Oust Gambia’s Dictator.clipular.png



Jeffrey Smith knew he wouldn’t get much sleep on December 1. The American human rights advocate sat up all night in front of his computer in Washington, D.C., with his dog Theo, watching as votes in the Gambian election trickled in.


One of the first people I ever got into in the United States was an African-American male who was 2 years older than me and much bigger. The reason he wanted to fight against was because a group of White boys lied and pitted him against me. After I trashed this young man causing nasty bloody cuts to his face by using my toys as weapons I retreated home leaving him crying and bloody. I remember sitting in my room waiting for him to come to my house to tell my parents I trashed him.

This negro told my mother I brutally attacked him for no reason and my mother believed him. I recieved a spanking by my mother and father for causing nasty cuts to this young man’s face for no reason. 2 hours after my spanking, I hear a knock on the door from my room. I could heard my parents having a conversation with a group of people. I was then called from my room by my mother still sore from the spanking I received. Here stood this nearly 6ft tall 10-year-old negro and his family. His brothers told my mother that they saw the entire incident and what really happened, they said the White boys pit this negro against my 8-year-old self and the Negro came clean to my mother that I thrashed him for trying to attack me. He apologized to me, my parents apologized to me but I my heart I did not accept either from my parents or the Negro.

I remember sitting in my room that night, looking at the stars extremely hurt and devasted. I remember saying to myself, I got beat up, he got beat up and those White boys went home carefree and not harmed. This was a pattern that would repeat itself continuously my entire childhood living in an integrated but White controlled community. Non-Jewish White Anglos taught me more about racism than my parents could ever have to explain.

These types of incidents did not only happen to me but they happened to other Black people. It was almost like an community effort by the White community. The Whites divided us up into groups at a very young age. There were Black kids who were considered good and those who were considered bad. I remember as a child praying to Jesus just to get along, I remember being a perfectly English gentlmen, always saying yes sir and no sir. I exhausted myselfs in trying to accomdate White people as a child. I remember going out of my way to have a good attitude but still to no avail.

By the time I was 12, I begin to think, I really begint to use my brain like never before. I would sit in class in a trance studying White people. It finally donned on me what seperated me from the “Good” Blacks, I did not have a subserivant personality. It wasn’t my lack of faith in “Jesus”, It wasn’t my manners or my attutide. I begin to realize my biggest problem was I was very opiniated and  I had a good understand of African history and the Whites could not tolerate that. And they way I dealt with White children it was obvious that I was natrually a leader.

I would try to out compete all children regardless of race in everything I did and the White teachers and community did want that. Not only did I not socialize with White kids because  of their racist attitudes and because I had grown to dislike them but I had talents in sports, academics and music. The Whites knew that and wanted to control that and me but I just wouldnt do it. I was always polite but I wouldn’t date White females nor did I seek the friendship of White males.

As you get older you begin to go from a micro worldview. I begin to see a global pattern in the Western Anglo and the Western European Jew. Everywhere they were it was division and conflict. The America, South China Seas and Africa. The Whites would prop up those they could control and always seek to destroy a marginilize those who are not friendly to their interest. This is racism. Racism is a natural and biological drive in White people. The same traits I seen in younger Whites, I see it in the older ones.

Dr. Amos N Wilson, when speaking on reading that we can’t only read things by Black authors he said White men will write out in explicit terms how they seek to dominate, manipulate and control African people write in our faces.  And we see this with the Anglo coup in The Gambia. Traitors Africans are a big problem for us. African people who continually undermind our soceities with the help of IMAs.

You can go on Youtube and see the CIA explicitly talking about how they undermined and overthrew Kwame Nkurmahs government while making it look like it was done by the Ghanian People. To this day many ignorant Ghanians believe it was them who got rid of Nkrumah. Dr. Bobby E Wright warned people of the ability of the Europeans to manipulate the brains of people.

” White people plan to never give up social control over African people”- Dr Amos N Wilson

White homosexuals have no right or authority to meddle in the affairs of African people. White homosexuals have declared war on the soverignty and freedom of African people. White people through their ideologies of: Western Democracy, Spreading The World of God, and now LGBT will use this an excuse to gain power and control over African people. We must fight back.

Once upon their excuse or rationale for the enslavement and domination of African people was we were not Christians, now today the explantion and rataionle is we against Homosexuality. The Western European man will always seek and find excuses to meddle in the affiars of Black men until we punish him. What has happened in The Gambia is treason and those Africans who help to overthrow their own leader will ultimately be to blame while Jeffery Smith walks away scotch free.

This smug and arrogant Jeffery Smith is using uneducated and unpatriotic Africans to undermind any government in Africa that will not submit to the will of White men. This LGBT fade will be extinct in 30 to 50 years and the Whites will go back to pretending to be ultra Christians.