Philanthropic colonialism to promote homosexuality and moral decline in Africa by Elton John. The European’s are relentless and ruthless in the desire to create LGBTQ communities their goals will ultimately be to protect pedophiles and other sexual deviants from being prosecuted in Africa.

The singer also remembered how in the early ’60s members of the LGBT community in England were prosecuted or forced to travel all the way to North Africa to have sex.”


Anglo-Saxon sexual deviants for sure were raping African boys in the 1960s who were slaves or servant of Arab leaders of North Africa. This type of insanity by Elton John is a declaration of War on African people. The Europeans are using dollarism to set up “LGBTQ” communities and will use this eventually as  a rationale to invade and undermine any African government that does not bend to the will of White men.

The Europeans are going through Africa and finding desperate people whom will do anything for money to promote this agenda and they will use it ultimately to control the 4 sovereignties: monetary, legislative, territorial, and economic. Do any groups of Afrikan people presently have these four sovereignties? Definitely not the Afrikans in the USA and other diasporas! I can say that with absolute certainty. It is also highly questionable for Afrikan “nations” on the continent. Why is that? But a more important question, why is it that no significant political party, political faction, constituency, or political block are campaigning for these fundamental Four Sovereignties? Yet the Euro-racists that well-meaning, liberal-identified Afrikans say practice global white supremacy unceasingly, are using these four sovereignties as an active political plank.

These new form of colonialism under the guise of gay rights is probably something our elders did not even think the Europeans would do. But as these people decline in power they will become more insane. We must gain control over African governments and influence them to stop out immoral behavior. The Europeans have a sick desire to make sure that if they go down we Africans go down with them.