While he could use some media training because Kristin Leahy (Irish) tried to actually paint him as a woman abuser, which was pretty pathetic on her parts but explains why Ms. Leahy is 33, single with no children. I fully understand Lavar Ball and his biggest crime is he doesn’t have a subservient personality and he understands the full value of his children’s worth.

I believe that Lavar Ball a man who did not achieve his goals in sports, like so many of us who walked that path, once we look back we the things we did wrong and the mistakes we made. If you are lucky enough to advance to college football or basketball you learn training methods and the sports for the first time of your life. It blows you away and you say to yourself my god, if I knew this when I was in junior high school how much better would I have been.

Lavar Ball also looks at the business side and like me when we see Lebron James and Michael Jordan only getting a fraction of what they have produced in sneakers in Nike we say to ourselves Nike much like the Chicago Bulls got Michael Jordan for a steep discount. Michael Jordan generated 10 billion dollars in the 80s and 90s for the NBA and NIKE and is not a billionaire to this day. Nike doesn’t own any factories, they simply rent out cheap space in Asians nations and pay people small wages to produced overpriced sneakers that people in Western countries purchase with no problems to see hip or cool.

Lebron James will generate 340 to 400 million for Nike in shoe sales alone, that is not to mention the money he brings in from the sales of his Nike socks, shirts and other apparel. Nike probably owns the trademarks and licensing of his shoes. Lebron is basically and employee of Nike more than an actual partner. And that is the genius of Lavar Ball, he wants to form real partnerships with these companies vs. simply being a pitchman and giving them all the power.

I believe his BBB Brand will fail but never the less I give him credit for having the guts to attempt to challenge the bigger corporations. I also enjoyed his exchange with Kristin Leahy, how she could not handle being ignored and rejected and then begin to try to not only demonize him but tried to criminalize him because he hurt her little feelings. That is typical of White females. She insulted him and his brand and actually got upset because he refuses to engage her. She would never have bashed a full-blooded White male and his product like she did his big baller brand.

Instead of apologizing for insulting his products on a national tv show that is seen around the world she wanted him to engage with her. Ms. Leahy showed herself to be unprofessional and classless but I doubt she will be fired. How do you invite someone on a show and then insult them and try to paint a picture of them as if they are a deranged woman abuser? A man who is married with children. White-American women have a long history of lying and mischaracterizing events which lead to the destruction of many of people. Ms. Leahy should be suspended for her unprofessional behavior but I know she won’t be.  I give kudos to Mr. Ball for being an innovator and being an aggressive man which intimdates snow birds like Leahy. Too many Beta-Simps allowing the behavior of women like Ms. Leahy to go on. I am glad he put her in her place. She is truly a pathetic being.