Kristine Leahy on LaVar Ball's May 17th interview on 'The Herd' - SPEAK FOR YOURSELF - YouTube.clipular.png


On the Speak, for Yourself official web page FOX tried to do damage control and they did a very poor job. They have 1900 dislikes per 727 likes on a video done to try and further diminish the character of Lavar Ball. What was so pathetic about this is these are adult people who are lying to appease FOX executives and to console the hurt feelings or “journalist” Kristine Leahy.

Lavar Ball has no media training and some of the things he said came out wrong. What Lavar Ball meant to try and tell Kristine Leahy was karma is going to get you, he clearly said I am not threatening you, I would never harm you. He said it as clear as day on the show. What pissed off Lavar Ball, is when she said his sons are scared of him and she would not buy the Big Baller Brand. That is not journalism, that was her opinion and it was an opinion not based on any research.

To say a man’s sons are afraid of him is accusing him of child abuse and to say you would not purchase his t-shirt is an attack on his brand. Oprah Winfrey was sued for billions by the cattle industry for saying people should not consume beef. For her to manipulate and twist  Mr. Balls word is just classless and tacky.

This is why New Media is growing and FOX and ESPN ratings are sucking ass. People are tired of listening to a bunch of middle age people who constantly belittle and put down athletes and their parents. It’s not your job to make unfounded claims about child abuse or to marginalize a clothing brand you never even had a chance to wear.

For, Kristine Leahy and Colin Cowherd to act like he tried to assault her or was deliberately trying to threaten her will do far more damage to that failing show than anything. People are not as ignorant today as they were 30 years ago. Kristine Leahy was seated behind him and nearly 20 feet away from him. To paint a picture like he was physically intimidating her is catamount to what White lynch mobs did in the 1960s to Black men and Multi-Racial men like Lavar.

Then to have creole Chris Brossard and negro Jason Whitlock condones that narrative FOX is trying to create is criminal. The general public doesn’t believe you Colin Cowherd or that butt hurt white female you are White Knighting. You should be ashamed of yourself.