The Cosby’s are a multi-racial family who dedicated their lives to please and serve the interest of White society. I believe it was Erin Cosby who once said couldn’t relate to inner city Black people. Today, Erin and Ensa Cosby reached out to Inner-City based radio host Charlamagne the God to speak to the Urban community her father irresponsibly generalized and stereotyped to the chagrin of a White society ever seeking Blacks and Multi-racial people to justify and legitimize the racist order of America.

I knew then that The Cosby family lacked any real integrity or character when Bill Cosby went on his anti-Black tirades. They were simply a family who were chosen as some “success” story because they had a multi-racial mother and a subservient father who wanted to appease White America.

We all remember Bill Cosby’s socially irresponsible rant’s directed at African people in the United States for things as silly and trivial as to how they spelled their names. I guess in recent years Bill Cosby has found out that it’s not the spelling of a name that makes a person but rather the character of the person who carries the name. Amy, Susie, and Becky will lie and try to harm you probably more so than Tameka, Shaneka or LaShonda.

The Breakfast Club is a radio show that was built on Tameka, Shanekas, and LaShonas. It was a show who’s number one listeners are brothers who may wear their pants a bit low or sisters who speak broken English but the irony of it is these are the kinds of people who can’t relate to Bill Cosby. I mean what Black man from an urban environment has done quaaludes of sleazy White women? I mean I don’t know of too many Black people who have a cocaine addiction or even knows what the hell quaaludes are. Experimentation with opiates and other illegal narcotics are natural and normal in mainstream White America and are seen as rights of passage for White youth.

Remember, Bill Cosby said it’s not racism, it’s not discrimination that’s holding Black people back it’s their poor choices. To be a Black man with the wealth that Bill Cosby had and to risk it all to do drugs and sleep with sleazy White women he has no one to blame for himself. His lack of moral character and sexual discipline is why he is about to have his life’s work destroyed and he has no one else to blame but himself.

Whether or not Bill Cosby raped these women is not the issue, the issue has he put himself in a position to be falsely accused and should be a man and take some personal responsibility. There are too many Black men and Women who are fighting legal cases who are in jail not because of a poor choice but simply based upon flat out lies and they were near an area where a crime happen and fit a description.

Erin and Ensa Cosby, why don’t you go to White radio stations, Jewish radio stations or Country radio stations to try and gather support for your father? Because you know the only people who care and will help him are the very same Black people whom you think you are better than. You people truly make me sick to my stomach.  Bill Cosby is just another traitorous scumbag negro who played with the devil’s fire and got burned and now that integrating with White people has turned for the worse he wants to play the RACE CARD. Cry me a river there are too many worthy African people who need the help and energy of the community not some old washed comedy/hack actor who blew an opportunity that 99% of Blacks are DENIED on quaaludes and White whores.

If Bill Cosby was half the man he projected himself to be he would have never been in this positions in the first place. You are right, it is a public lynching but the worse lynchings are the ones we administer to ourselves and that’s called suicide. Forgetting who your enemy is, getting comfortable with the illusion of inclusion and philandering around with White women who are doing drugs is a recipe for disaster.

To Ensa and Erina Cosby, your father made his bed and should lie in it alone.  I don’t give a damn what Stanley Kubrick, Woody Allen or any other degenerate European male did. They are not a standard you should be living down to in the first place. Negroes want to be White so bad they even want to be pedophiles like White males? Is that how low we will stoop as men? The Cosby family insincere reaching out the Black community should be rebuked and dismissed. Bill Cosby should take responsbility for the fact he put himself in this position and he alone should bare this burden. Life is too hard already for ordinary African people, why should they give a damn about a man who thought so little of them?