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The White media will try to manipulate rap group Migos into coming out and making a statement supporting something they clearly do not agree with. The Migos were right not to perform with a bunch of men dressing up as women. It’s bad enough these young men are promoting drug use and drug selling to young Black people but at some point, every normal Black man has a limit to how low they will stoop in Eurodegencacy.

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Dr. Bobby E. Wright in his analysis of the White race said the White race has an ability to persuade Blacks to support and protect European interest even if it goes against our own will. Today you have African people who are reading cue cards given to them by White people as if it was their own words.

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In the 1700s, you had Negroes who were supporting and defending European enslavement of African people. Since the European has encountered us he has alway’s depended on these dimwitted morons who only defend European interest and refuse to work within his own best interest of even his family.

But is this because Africans are inferior? Absolutely not. For Christianity is a religion rooted in racism and European supremacy. It is a menticidal religion. And during the Meiji Restoration, the Japanese leaders could not get Japanese Christians to obey or submit to Japanese rule or authority. These believed Europeans had a right to settle and live among the Japanese because they were brothers in Christ. Japan does not have the numerous ethnic division we do in Africa so it was easy for their intelligentsia to see the threat of Christianity and stomp it out.


The Japanese executed and drove a point to their fellow Japanese this Christian nonsense and betrayal of Japanese culture will not be tolerated.

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Many people will contend that Africa is lagging behind the world because of corruption, tribalism or other Eurocentric explainations. But I contend that China and Japan have been more successful than Black Africans because they have held onto their ethnic religions and do not see White people as Gods but foreigners. One of the biggest problems is the Christian ethos in the minds of Africans. They allow their “White” Christian brothers to exploit them in the name of God. This Japense Christians were going to do the same thing but the Japense elders took the European presence seriously and we Black Africans did not.

You see the LGBTQ Movement is no different than The Trans Atlantic Slaving System, this is a new European creation so a group of Whites will come into power and dominate and oppress Black people not based upon racial superiority, or African people beging pagans but because we are “homophobic”. This is the most twisted and convaluded scheme the Whites have ever cooked up but never the less it is successful.

White people control the music industry and they will economically squeeze the Migos until they submit or decide to simply perform at Black owned venues. They will make less money, lose national exposure but should still be successful. Dr. John Henrike Clarke said nothing comes from the European mind that doesn’t involve him ruling over and dominating you and the LGBTQ agenda is no different.

White Homosexuals have distorted history and manipulate money hungry and fame seeking African people as to to use them to manipulate a under educated dimwitted Black population who is under the control of White people. These people seek to punish African people who dot want to be around European deviants. This is White power at its finest. How can a grown man be punished or be financial sanctioned because he doesn’t want to perform with Drag Queens? What kind of insanity is this.

White homosexuals rhetoric is racist and exteremly offensive. They claim that nobody likes Black people and that since Black people were slaves they have no right to “discriminate” against White people who are gay. Black people seeing homosexuality and cross-dressing as offensive and beneath them is not discrimination nor is it racist. People have a right to stay away from people who practice a behavior that makes them uncomfortable. I would no hang around a bucnh of herion addicts because I find that lifestyle to be dangerous, does that mean I am racist to herion users? Of course not.