zulukilling crackers


When will Black men overthrow alien races domination and control of their lives? What type of propaganda and what type of program will it take it awaken the African spirit in Black men?

Black men need a mental and psychological program to reprogram the African mind from under European manipulation and control. The White gays have masterfully distorted the history of slavery in order to get American taxpayers dollars based upon the argument the mistreatment of White homosexuals is equality with people who have anti-homosexual feelings. How did the White gays use the historical struggle of African people to push forward a twisted and distorted agenda? How could these Eurocentric lies be believed by African people?

African people have a psychological and emotional void inside them created by slavery and colonialism which makes them seek the validation and acceptance of European people. White losers have used this void in African people to promote their Eurocentric agenda’s and use the African-American population as their cannon fodder for change. Black entertainers who are desperate for money and being an ego starved group of people have allowed White homosexuals to dishonor and disrespect African victims of the European slaving system.

When I walk outside my house I see so many African tragedies around me. So many people who have no culture and no ideology, people who are thoughtlessly caring on stuck in European materialism.  So many people are dying and don’t even realize it. Their life is about the consumption of White or Asian manufactured phones, cars and clothing and a deadly lust for non-Black children with the trash of other races. White people are benefiting from the ill-effects of slavery and colonialism every day.

African mental illness is a trillion dollar industry and major job creator for the White race. No sane or intelligent people will allow another group of people to exploit them simply because they can have sex with the lower class groups of that race or for minimum wage jobs. African people are so psychologically damaged and so starved for the most worthless of trinkets they are drunk on social inclusion and European trinketology.

Trinketology – is a method of Europan manipulation and control through manufactured widgets. People because mesmerized with a trinket to the extent they will give up their freedom, sovereignty and racial integrity for something they themselves could produce.

A mentally healthy African race will eliminate millions of jobs for the every arrogant White race. The White race runs the world on a con game and behind closed doors laugh ‘s with amazement that they are able to dupe so many people and turn people against their own will.

The Whites are able to manipulate and influence people using persuasive power knowing that their intentions are to create policies that will undermine that persons community while it will appear as if the person has done itself. African people are caught up with European religions and high-sounding ideas that Africans buy into and that European people exploit to the detriment of African people.

In a European dominated world, the issue of RACE is not an issue for White people, including poor Whites. The issue that White people have with the current world order is not the race of those in power but their POSITION in the system. And they dupe dimwitted Black people, especially those who want to have sexual relationships with Whites that their issue is not a racial issue when our issue is about race.

Europeans are masters and getting Africans to forget the primary issue and take on ambiguous fights like the fight for “women’s rights”, “gay rights”, “student rights” or my favorite “democracy”. White people are the least democratic people in the history of the world. Their entire system is based upon capitalism and individualism. The native Americans people primary issue with Europeans was LAND OWNERSHIP, the Natives believe Land/Nations was the property of the GROUP and no individual had a right to dominate or control so much of it as to prey upon their own people.

The Whites are able to manipulation history to ignore this fact and actually have stupid people claiming Native Americans did not believe in owning land even though the USA Government went in over 150 treaties with various different nations over respecting the land and boundaries of Natives.

The Whites next primary goal are to recolonize Africa and eventually replace the indigenous Blacks with mulattoes than Whites. The Whites are using the same playbook on Africans that they used on Native America women.  White women don’t even waste their time with the Native Americans because their population is so small.

African people should be waging war with White influence and white control of our race. One of the ways Whites influence Black populations is through bastardization using the Mulattoes to influence mass numbers of African people against our will. The mulattoes are such a dangerous class because they maintain so many negative pathologies among Africans and in most cases, the mulattoes are more racist than the Whites.

The African mind must wake up every morning at war with the European, Asian, Arab, Mulattoes and Asian world. We must constantly be moving toward’s an African-centered through writing our own views of the non-African rule and also reading the past mistakes of Africans. The key to African liberation will be reviewing the works of Dr. Amos N. Wilson, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, Dr. Chinweizu, and Steve Biko. We must study Garvey and Shaka and see what they did wrong and also update their philosophies because the Europen has made adjustment and refinements based upon their works. We must also eliminate the Rachel Dozels, Angela Ryes and Shaun Whites from among us.