” There is no denying that there are Whites who are oppressed and exploited by other Whites, but they are still able to significantly influence institutional change. The technique of menticide deludes Blacks into believing that there is a commonality between them and oppressed Whites, which leads Blacks to attempt to form alliances with them. Yet, in spite of historical failures of these alliances to benefit Blacks they continue to pursue the process. Unfortunately,  Blacks will continue to utilize White directed techniques in attempting to solve their problems and will continue to be unsuccessful until they can develop a “Black Social Theory”. – Dr. Bobby E. Wright


During the 1500s the White race was in extreme poverty and starvation. The Royal Families of Europe had mismanaged the gross wealth of Europe and their societies were in deep decline. The European’s began to explore and spy on other nations around the world. They wanted what other races had but did not want to have an equal and fair trade so they strategize methods to rob, steal and plunder the resources of the world for the sole purpose of White domination of the World.

Prior to Native American people losing all of their wealth and lives, there were poor White people. The poor Whites of European saw no commonality with the poor Native Americans nor did Rich White seen any commonality with Wealth Native American Chiefs. Both the poor and rich White wanted to replace the Native people with the European population.

Prior to European Colonization Africans had no poverty so there were no poor people. But a poor White man named Cecil Rhodes saw no commonality between himself African peasants. He went back to Europe to get the blessings of the Queen of England and to gather up poor Whites and middle-class Whites who were looking for economic opportunity and waged a war against the Shona and Ndebele people for their wealth. Did the Queen of England respect and see herself as equal to the King of Matabeleland? No! She recognized a European peasant as being superior to an African King. This is how the White race looks at African people then and now.

There is no history of European people of the same class seeing a commonality between themselves and Africans of the similar status. Lower class Europeans and Europeans with drug addictions, no morals and those memorized by Hip Hop culture are those who many idiotic Negroes use their personal relationship with this class of White as some kind of improvement in race relations. They see socializing and interbreeding with European social misfits as an improvement which shows you the sad and pathetic mental state of many African people.

White losers have always used people of a different ethnic group in order to solve conflicts in the European world. Other races have had to pay a price for the social disorder among Whites.

White progressives, White homosexuals, and White Liberals view the African-American community as a political plantation and their chattel. And so many of us are quick to regurgitate their nonsense so they can get into a position of power.

Barack Obama is the greatest political charlatan and con man of our day. This Irish-Indonesian man pulled off the greatest con the world has ever seen. He has probably never had a real job a day in his life and now lives a life of luxury and he did all on the political capital of African people. His lifestyle was purchased by the African Liberation Movements around the world.

I don’t blame him for being a snake and lowlife, I blame African people for voting for this scumbag simply because he married a NEGRO FEMALE. The Obamas will spend the million of dollars they have received in the best European hotels in the world. It’s amazing that people year after year allow people like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Bernie Sanders to run this con game that their advancement in the European system is some progress.

These Democratic political charlatans play the same con game year in and year out. They paint themselves as the voice of the poor and helpless when in reality they look down and would not want to associate anyone who has fallen on hard times, especially a Black person who is struggling and doing badly. The chief argument of the Democrats is they will be a better and more friendly oppressor than the Republican party. That even though they won’t make you any promises and they won’t do anything for your community specifically that things would be much worse if Republicans are in office.

Michelle Obama went before the NAACP and said slavery is over with and that slavery is no longer an issue today in order to let African people know don’t ask her husband to bring African grievances towards the world. 2 years later, when the Democrats were getting their asses handed to them in Democratic Primaries, Joe Biden told a group of African-American people in some fake pseudo-urban accent “they gonna put yall back in chains”.  The play with the psychological history of African people when it suits them but when it comes to the economic grievance of slavery they become flippant and dismissive and bring red herring arguments about White poverty. White poverty is not an issue for Black people it’s an issue for White people.

Nobody in the world is ignorant enough not to know the United States of America is ruled and controlled by European people. European American males have a disproportionate share of the resources, wealth, and control of America’s institutions. Only Eurocentric thought and ideas are valid and anything contrary to White norms is seen as radical or not “realistic”. White America and the United States of America is an arrogantly racist nation. Their goal is not to truly eliminate racism but to refine it while they destroy as much of the Black population as possible through murder and miscegenation. 

Every White person living in Africa, Canada, America, Australia or Israel represents White power. They exist as to replace the indigenous peoples and replace it with a people who share a common history and psychology with the Whites who manage and control those lands and people.

” The White subjagation of the Black race and the control of their land is an essential ingredient in contributing to their insatiable morbid predatory appetite for world domination” – Dr. Bobby E. Wright


Racist like Bernie Sanders gets credit for one of the biggest political scams in history the civil rights movement. White communist and Black people who engaged in interracial sex took advantage of the political unrest in the South and usurped the Black Civil Rights Movement just like in 2015, Black Homosexuals under the directive of White Finance usurped the Black Lives Matter Movement. Whites from the North feared the potential for Black violence against White Southerners in the face of racism because they were oppressing Blacks in the North and if the Black southerners used violence then maybe Black northerners would. African people to this day still have no figured out this scheme or they simply do not care.

White Liberals will use the White capital to empower Blacks who desire Whites sexually or Blacks with no racial character of loyalty in order influence Black politics. From ACORN to the NAACP we see these people with no real African-Centered Education who don’t see race or color yet want a position leading African people. This is the type of insanity that plagues the Black community globally. White people who can’t make it the mainstream world but feel comfortable among Blacks, this reinforces the notion that Blacks are inferior to Europeans.

The European psychois has reached the apex of European arrogance you now have white people proclaiming they are TransRacial. Just as their ancestors deemed African people a worthless group of people so do they. Rachel Dozel and Shaun White are two clearly mentally ill White people who have no business even coming around African people. Its amazing they have built careers and earned money portraying African people. This crime of identity fraud against African people is just the latest racist crime against Black people the White race has committed.

White loses exist and feed of African menticide and self hate. We are currently losing another Black generation to this mental maddess and will continue to lose more and more until we rid ourselves of these parasites.