When police shootings of unarmed Black people reached their heights there were two men who paid the ultimate price to let the European system know that these kinds of actions would not be tolerated. Dr. Amos N. Wilson spoke about when Colin Ferguson’s self-hate mechanism broke down he went and attacked White people who were the source of his frustrations and this scared the White public because he went directly to the source and root of his problems.

White people love more than anything to frustrate Black men. They love to discriminate and marginalize the Black masses while not appearing to openly be racist. Racism is so rampant and widespread to throughout the United States and other Western Countries it’s has become a normal way of life with the average Black person genuflecting simply to feed him or herself.

The actions of Micah Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long were necessary and honorable. They sent a message and the Whites in European fashion responded. Anytime a White man gets in trouble he goes to his negroes. White people when they violate you, they seek out members of your race to protect their position and to try and misdirect the movement.

I remember a Negro on Facebook with a photo of Colin Kaepernick saying children follow what we do. And this Negro had a photo with him and other Black boys kneeling down in the face of White men gunning down and killing Black men. Colin Kaepernick position is that Black men should kneel and protest against White violence against Black life. Colin Kaepernick protest was staged by the NFL and White America to distract from the violence that Micah Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long took against Whites and their Negro minions.


Michael Jordan and DeSean Jackson are two men who lust after the daughters of White women and are well paid by White businessmen to entertain White middle-class people. Michael Jordan is the typical White appeaser and Black conservative. If Michael Jordan could not play basketball and was forced to live as the majority of African-Americans he would have a different mentality and so would Desean Jackson. As, Dr. Bobby E. Wright said in Reward and Punishment by B.F. Skinners, African-Americans say things to appease White people out of fear of losing their jobs.

Michael Jordan- ‘I can no longer stay silent’ — The Undefeated.clipular.png

Michael Jordan’s comments were flat out disgusting. When it came to the lives of Black men he wrote out the state-sponsored murder of Black men as “deaths” at law enforcement. He deliberately refused to call the murder of Black men cowardly and callous. He then called the brave and courageous actions of Micah Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long cowardly and hateful.

DeSean Jackson to Wear Cleats Protesting Police Shootings During Pregame Warmups - Complex.clipular.png

Then DeSean Jackson gave a bullshit statement calling Black men citizens. These athletes are nothing but high paid agents of White hegemony and global racism. They are well vetted and picked by Whites. Whites have a science of destroying a race. They take out the strong and empower the weak to keep the race in turmoil so they can take advantage of it and rape it.

Colin Kaepernick to stand during national anthem next season.clipular.png


Micah Johnson and Gavin Eugene Long pushed changed, they are the reason Michael Jordan, DeSean Jackson and Colin Kaepernick even said a word. Those two men put fear in White America. Colin Kaepernick is not a Black man, the only thing he was worried about was his White family possibly being gunned down. His protest was not for Black people it was to protect White police officers and to get released from his NFL contract and start over.

A year passes and you are ready to return to the NFL and stand for a White national anthem? Does that make any sense? It amazes me how many Negroes are crying over this non-Black fake protestor. Any Black person with half a brain would despise and detest Colin Kaepernick for him using the death of Black people to push his NFL Career which means nothing. White people want to make their offspring Black as to maintain their illegitimate and illegal control over Africans permanent it will not work. We must root out all non-Africans and those who cry over mulattoes need to be shunned.

Colin Kaepernick is the same dude who called a Black player from the Oakland Raiders a nigger and nearly got his head taken off for using racial slurs against Black men. Colin Kaepernick called Lamarr Houston a nigger during a game and thought because he is alleged to be racially mixed and we don’t know what he is mixed with if he is mixed at all that the other player would be defending him. Lamarr Houston, a Black man, said that Colin Kaepernick called him a nigger and said it with a racist undertone.


Lamarr Houston confirms Colin Kaepernick used N-word in Chicago Bears' win over San Francisco 49ers.clipular.png


Colin Kaepernick racism against black is well documented and for him to play this race card is amazing.  Kaepernick is a new threat to the Black race a group which loves to hurl around the n-word and then use identity politics to oppress Black people. I am sure this racist scumbag will be allowed back in the NFL and I hope he falls flat on his face. I can’t stand this pro-America and pro-White imposter.

The erasure of Black people in White media and White societies is why African Centered Cultural and Biological Nationalism must result in a true African state. We have been the targets of a 500 years genocide scheme from the Western Eurasians. They plan to replace us. Rachel Doezel, Shaun White, and Colin Kaepernick are just a test run before the Whites take over Black Africa unless we do something to stop them.