Years ago it was said that racism would end when African-Americans gained education and that you don’t hear college educated Blacks complaining about racism. This was a constant theme told to me as a child. African people from all around the world have flooded Western countries to go to Universities to get relief from poverty, racism, and struggles.

There are a small select few African people who will get good sports jobs, teaching jobs or be allowed to make it in corporate America. The vast majority of African people will be stuck in marginal retail and fast food jobs if they even get a job at all. The primary reason for public schools is to provide economic stability for White women and to give authoritative positions such as principal and coach to lower class White males.

European education is the biggest scam being run on African people. These institutions are breeding grounds for physical, sexual and emotional abuse and are about getting African children to adjust to a world dominated by Whites. This is the chief functions of the school system. There is no real learning taking place in the schools where the majority of African people attend in the West or even in British Schools throughout African.

There are billions of dollars being made on Black children going to school and the bulk of these Black children coming out of these schools are wasting precious years of their life being brainwashed and will not ever achieve the things are fed to believe they will achieve if they obey some stranger.

I have been discussing with my parents the insanity of my education experience and how many irrational fears I had as a child that truly robbed me of those years. Worried I could get into a good University or I wouldn’t make a sports team. Wasted time. My parents have admitted and agree with my assessment that I could spend my youth far better than I did. European and American schools are horrible. And they fill children’s heads with so many lies its doesn’t shock me to see many homosexuals, drug addicts, and other degenerates.

Much of the abuse and racism we suffer from could be avoided by avoiding White institutions and focusing African children on developing skill sets they can use charge people fees. Mark Zuckerberg parents purchased him a computer programming tutor at the age of 7 and gave him the necessary skills he developed casually with the great benefits that youth gives you. While other kids were stressing about “grades” and poorer kids were abusing their bodies to hit the Lebron James or Floyd Mayweather lottery, Mark Zuckerberg was honing his developer skills.

Mark Zuckerberg has more money than every African-American combined and never broke a sweat doing it by the time he was 19 he was a multi-billionaire. Imagine, the number of Africans who have wasted 30 years of their life to become doctors only to make 500,000 dollars per year and rarely see their children or have a rich social life.

I would never submit my child to the public school system or the British colonial education in West Africa. I could give them a much better education using books while developing their basics at home. They could still become sportsmen as Tim Tebow did but they won’t have the hang-ups and mental issues that come from public schools. So many happy losers in the United States Americas just give them some junk food, weed, and sporting event and they are happy to waste their lives as Skinner rats.

Many people are drained because they wasted so much precious time and energy in the school system as they get older they just settle for whatever they can get never truly living for some White man or non-White flunky can live a wonderful time.

Afrian-centerness must address these issues and be about the improving the quality of life for African people. We must no recreate the Western Model which is pathetic.