When White Historians write about “African slave traders” this is one of the “Africans” they write about. The above photo lets you know how big of a joke Eurocentric History is and why we must go to war with these people. I am starting to believe the Portuguese named Lagos, Nigeria, Lagos. There are many Portuguese all over Nigeria. These guys were probably not even 50% Black. When you see people like Shaun White and Rachel Doezel they are a continuation of problems we have failed to stop in the past.

Rachel Doezel did her test run to test this Trans-Racial mess in Africa and was panned. The Whites are in deep economic turmoil and decline and will be seeking the final frontier and final stand of the White race which is Africa.

African people must begin to write and espouse a nationalistic rhetoric that discusses the Biological and Cultural survival of the African race. We must spread this information to as many African people as possible to make our last stand in Africa. I am creating a plan now that will give us the necessary resources this is going to be one tough ass fight but it will be well worth it.