Why would the Australian National Soccer Team give a moment of silence to a bombing that takes place in England but never gives a moment of silence to the thousands of Arab children killed by USA and UK bombs? Simple, we live in a system of Global Anglo Hegemony. English speaking Whites who originate in Western Europe seek to dominate the what they deem to be the lower breeds of the world.

The Australians wanted to have a moment of silence weeks after the event to test the temperature of the Muslims on the Saudi Arabia team.  The Saudi’s did the right thing because regardless of the economic relationship the Saudi Royal Family has with the Western countries the Arabs and Anglos are enemies and White Nations don’t have moments of silence for the Arab children killed by bombs of Western Nations. In fact, the Whites are so arrogant they will blame the Arabs themselves.

Australian’s wanted to show solidarity with their Anglo brother in England and also wanted to control the Arabs whom deep down inside could give two shits about bombings in White countries. All modern Western Nations have profited from terrorizing non-Whites and now their chickens have come to roost.