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This is the type of immaturity you get from Bhekiztia Zulu when he makes a claims that he refuses to do any academic research to prove. While the Canadian Government is now passing a Law which will place children in foster care whom parents don’t want to allow them to change their sex when the child could be manipulated by teachers to go on their own will the sex imperative is very important today.

This will have an impact on Africans everywhere because Canada is a part of the Anglo World Order.

Bhekiztia Zulu makes claims that people are  “caught up in some psychosexual slavery narrative”. What in the hell does this mean? If someone talks about the Sexual Abuse of Africans they are flawed and the not the people who abused the Africans? “The enslavement of Africans was not just about sex” Ya, don’t say? No one said it was.

But this disgusting insult that African people who discuss the sexual abuse which played a major role in the day to day life of African women and men that it is they who have their minds in the gutter? This type of Anglo-Saxon Protestant arrogant and insulting comment is disgraceful. This is catamount to Homosexuals proclaiming that someone is secretly homosexual because they are against the act.

The sexual abuse of African men and women are one of the most important subjects today because there is a global sexual assault against Africans taking place now. Zulu’s comments were disgusting and out of bounds.

The reality of is, the African-Guyanese experience is not the same as the African-American experience. How can an Afro-Guyanese think he has the authority to claim that the eyewitness accounts of Black men and women out of slavery is not factual?

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So the accounts of slavery from actual African-American slaves are not reliable but the accounts of what happened during slavery from the opinion of some Afro-Guyanese who calls himself Bhekitiza Zulu when he is probably of West African ancestry is? This guy proclaims he is African-American because he was born in the United States even though his family is in Guyana and Norway.

This pseudo-scientist is worse than a conspiracy theorist because he won’t even produce any documents to prove his argument he will only give his opinion and state things that aren’t even mentioned in the discussion to draw from the fact he is incapable of defending his positions with any kind of factual evidence.

You can debate Harriet Washington or Irritated Genie or better yet do your own research and put it out there to be peer reviewed but we all know you won’t do that because you are a bullshit artist.