I am researching the Eastern Eurasian people called Russian. I am learning of their colonization of Fort Ross, an attempt to colonize Djibouti. I am understanding that Russians did not have African colonies because they could not trade with Africans or whatever the hell that means.


This is the flag of the Russian-American Company founded in 1806. This was the first Russian company to be publicly traded. The used no Africans but did use some native peoples to work for their company as fishermen.  The Alutiiq and Aleut men worked for the Russian Company for 3 years. They committed no genocide against the Natives they did, however, want to expand and convert the natives to Russian Orthodox Religions and also give the natives Russian names.

The Russians sold their territories to the USA Empire largely because they feared they would have to engage in war with the British and that the Alaska and California Territory would make them weak.

” Seward told the nation that the Russians estimated that Alaska contained about 2,500 Russians and those of mixed race (that is, a Russian father and native mother), and 8,000 indigenous people, in all about 10,000 people under the direct government of the Russian fur company, and possibly 50,000 Inuit and Alaska Natives living outside its jurisdiction. The Russians were settled at 23 trading posts, placed at accessible islands and coastal points. At smaller stations, only four or five Russians were stationed to collect furs from the natives for storage and shipment when the company’s boats arrived to take it away. ”

The Russian Empire saw no need to destroy the Natives and pretty much just set up legitimate trade with them and went back to Russia. The Russians are an interesting group of Eurasians and a possible chess piece to be moved against our Anglo-Saxon enemies.