White People Did Not Originate From Africa!

Many Black people enjoy boasting that everyone came out of Africa. So therefore this makes us the parent of all mankind.

This theory is popularly accepted because of its harmonious theme of black and whites being of one family. It also gives many Blacks a sense extra pride to be able to say that all race came from us.

However, the problem with the story that white people original came from Africa is that it totally manipulates the facts.

Regardless of the many lies that whites have told us everyone didn’t come out of Africa. The Neanderthals did not come out of Africa.

How can parents and children not share the same DNA? If we Africans are the parents of whites why do we not share their many same Neanderthals genes and DNA?

I will restate the question: If whites come from Africa why is it that true Africans don’t share their same Neanderthals DNA?

How can Africans be the parents of the modern Europeans and also not carry the many Neanderthals genes and DNA ?

Black people please critically think. When white people–histories most brutally racist group, that have adamantly deemed that we Blacks are genetically inferior and therefore worthy of their mistreatment for over 400 years–are now attaching themselves to our African heritage, instead of us rejoicing and boasting we should look instead for what their trying to hide. Look for also what their dissociating themselves from.

Leading white scientist of the study claims that about 50,000 years ago, modern day humans migrated out of Africa heading north to Europe. Do you actually understand what it means that the first modern human came out of Africa?

This doesn’t actually mean that whites came out of Africa. When you read this in your texts book it’s actually playing on words to confuse you and to hide the truth.

The reason why they say that the first human came out of Africa and migrated through out Europe is because the original inhabitants of Europe that were already there before the arrival of the Africans
are not by scientific definition modern human/Homo Sapiens

Already living in Europe was the furrow-browed Neanderthals that had been in the colder climates for more than 100,000 years.

The modern humans of Africa and the White skinned Neanderthals of Europe are deemed by science as being different species. Scientific findings concludes that some of the modern human from Africa mated with the white skinned Neanderthals. (It is speculated that the brutish Neanderthals raped the human woman.)

What the white historians have done is that because some Africans mated with their Neanderthals ancestors of Europe
(thus bestowing their offsprings with the DNA of modern humans) they therefore totally abandoned their Neanderthals roots altogether and grafted themselves onto the African heritage.

And in doing so White scholars and scientists have fooled many of us to believe that modern white people were originally Black people that turned white as they adapted to the colder climate. This theory totally ignores the fact that the Neanderthals already posses these white recessive characteristics. Many of the genes that help determine most white people’s skin and hair are more Neanderthal than not, according to two new studies that look at the DNA fossils hidden in the modern human genome.

Recently, scientists also found that modern Europeans share a number of genes consistent with those with Neanderthals. Many of the same genes were not seen in people from Africa, however.

What the white historians have ridiculously done is that they’ve totally erased their connections from the brutish Neanderthals and have now changed themselves to now being Africans that turned white over the centuries.

This story is totally absurd. Because it totally abandons the ongoing Neanderthals lineage all together by telling the lie that they all just vanished; and then it conveniently attaches the story of the origin of white people entirely to those ancient Africans that traveled into Europe.

They white scholars and scientists intentionally play on words to confuse us. Like for example, you might find something that reads like the following:
“Scientists have recently revealed that the face of the first human in Europe were surprisingly Sub-Saharan African in appearance.”
Yes this is technically correct that the first “Human” in Europe was an African but this doesn’t means that the white Europeans came from Africans. Europeans were already there as Neanderthals.

To make the claim that these Africans were the ancestors of modern white people is to totally ignored the existence of the white skinned Neanderthals that of which the white race shares their DNA.

Many of the genes that help determine most white people’s skin and hair are more Neanderthal than not, according to two new studies that look at the DNA fossils hidden in the modern human genome.

Furthermore researchers have found that the Neanderthal DNA exist within Europeans but does not exist within African people. This fact also debunks the myth that whites came from Africans. Moreover it proves that modern whites evolved separately as descendants from the Neanderthals. Africans on the other-hand are Homosapians and are not related to the Neanderthal what so ever.

Isn’t it amazing that while white scientist are all ways propagating the myth of their white superiority that it is only when it comes to their origin that they then attempt to attach themselves onto being originally of African ancestry —while disowning their true Neanderthal ancestors all together.

Furthermore, the theory that modern white people are Africans that turn white due to long exposure to cold weather is debunked.
That theory is debunked by the fact that there exist generations of brown skinned Eskimos that have lived within extreme cold conditions for many centuries.

These Eskimos have endured centuries of temperatures below zero, living within igloos and even ice fishing yet their skins and eyes have remained brown, their noses remains broaden and their hair remains black.

Many scientists believes that these people have existed and lived within these cold environments for perhaps thousands of years.

The point being made here is that if these brown people have not began to turned white within the thousands of years that they’ve been living in extreme cold weather how are we to then believe that we darker “Black people” of the stronger dominant gene somehow turned white when exposed to a colder climate in Europe?

This might be a bit of a disappointment to those that favor the premise that all of humanity originated in Africa and spread out from there. However the theory of whites coming from Africans appears to be merely another one of the many lies told to us. There exist no substantial proof supporting this theory.

Many people believe because many albinos have been born of Black parents that this proves that the theory that whites comes from black people to be accurate. However while there exist many albinos babies born from Blacks parents scientists have isolated the parts of the non-African modern human genetic blueprint that still contain Neanderthal remnants. The scientific findings affirms that Africans possess the original homosapian gene and while Europeans possess those of the Neanderthal.

Because there exist the Neanderthal gene within Europeans but not within Africans this therefore affirms that whites are not the albinos off springs of we Africans but are of a different species– the Neanderthal.

Furthermore because of our rich dark melanated skin and brown eyes a segment of racist white scientist have alleged for years that we Blacks share kinship with the Ape when in truth the evidence suggests that it is they that shares a kinship through DNA with the Neanderthal. Whom of in which their own studies concludes evolved from an even lesser ape like creature.

Could this be the reason of why white scientist have attempted to hide their connection to the Neanderthal ancestry? Is it not probable that because by their own definition the Neanderthal was not fully human but was instead a brutish form of human kind that the white scientist are therefore disowning this connection to their Neanderthal past?

Could it also be that because Africans are the true homosapians that the white scientist therefore tries to attach them self to this homosapian origin for the sake of preserving the perceptions of their humanity?

Whites have 1-4% Neanderthal DNA.
Could the savage Neanderthal genes explains the evil and sadistic behavior of the white people collectively throughout history?

Have White people not proven themselves to be more like the brutish Neanderthal than that of Africans?

Within the collective white psyche there is a profoundly entrenched predisposition for racism that is matched only by their proclivity for deceit, greed and hunger for power. While labeling all other races as being savages they have in fact been the most brutally savage throughout history.

They alone are the most arrogant and the race most predisposed to racism; all other races have been their enemies or their victims. The white race possesses a brutal history consumed by unrivaled racism, as well as unjustifiable wars and crimes against humanity. Their subjugation, murder and exploitation of all other races are unparalleled.

The outstanding characteristic within the collective white psyche throughout history has been an almost complete absence of ethical or moral development and an almost total disregard for right and wrong and or of appropriate patterns of behavior.

This characteristic has led to many describing the collective white as being a collective psychopathic personality within the white race. Could this be the result of their Neanderthal genetics?

Not because the white leading authorities tells you that whites came out of Africa doesn’t make it actually true.

Remember that to find our truth requires that we question everything that whites have told us. Given their history of routinely feeding us lies is it not therefore inteligent to question everything they tell us?

Look for example at what white scholars have routinely written about Egypt!

They wrote that the Egyptians were white people and their prevailing premise is that the achievements of the ancient Egyptians were outside of the abilities of the black skinned Africans.

We only started gaining a different perspective on the subject once Black scholars started researching and investigating it.

The establish white scholars that have wrongly decides what was written within our educational curriculum regarding the race of the ancient Egyptians are of the same racist mindset of those that writes about the origin of humans today.

These are the same groups of whites that have always hidden the truth from us.

They’re again lying to us to separate themselves from their savage Neanderthals origin and graft themselves on to our origin that manipulates our very text book.

This is no different than in Egyptology where they refuse to tell the truth about the Egyptians being black. If they would lie about our greatness in regards to Egyptian history would they not also lie to hide the truth of the furry broad eye savage Neanderthals origin?

Ground-breaking research revealed conclusive evidence that Neanderthals BRED with modern humans (Homo sapiens), a fact disputed for many years. The first ever complete mapping of a Neanderthal genome found that the genomes of people living outside Africa today are composed of some 1 to 4 percent Neanderthal DNA. Now two new studies suggest that, taken collectively, about 20 percent of Neanderthal DNA still lives on in modern humans, influencing the skin, hair, and diseases that people have today.

Two studies published concurrently in Nature and Science on Wednesday suggest that while the Neanderthal contribution to our genomes was modest, it may have proved vitally important. In fact, the features acquired from Neanderthals may have been what enabled modern humans to survive, for example, genes that conferred an advantage in local climatic conditions.

The research found that Neanderthal DNA is total absent from some parts of non-African genomes, while other regions abound with it. Joshua Akey, who led the study in Science, believes this may be because some genes were beneficial, while other genes would have caused problems in modern humans and were therefore weeded out over time.

In the Nature study, Sriram Sankararaman and David Reich of Harvard Medical School used the previously sequenced Neanderthal genome to screen 1,004 modern genomes for sequences with distinctive Neanderthal features.

In the Science study, Akey and Benjamin Vernot, both of the University of Washington in Seattle, used similar statistical features to search for Neanderthal DNA in the genomes of 665 living people—but they initially did so without the Neanderthal genome as a reference. They still managed to identify fragments that collectively amount to 20 percent of the full Neanderthal genome.

Despite their different approaches, both teams converged on similar results. They both found that genes involved in making keratin—the protein found in our skin, hair, and nails—are especially rich in Neanderthal DNA. For example, around 66% of East Asians contain the Neanderthal skin gene, while 70% of Europeans contain the Neanderthal gene which affects skin colour. Sankararaman also found Neanderthal variants in genes that affect the risk of several diseases, including lupus, biliary cirrhosis, Crohn’s disease, and type 2 diabetes.

Both research groups also found some regions of the modern human genome that are totally void of Neanderthal DNA, including those involved in motor coordination, as well as areas involving the testes and the X chromosome. This suggests certain Neanderthal mutations were incompatible with modern humans and were removed during evolution, perhaps because they reduced fertility.

Uncovering mystery humans:

Both research teams are now planning to apply their methods to other hominids like the Denisovans, and they are hoping this may enable them to unravel one of the greatest mysteries in the field of human origins to emerge last year.

Towards the end of 2013, studies revealed that the Denisovans share up to 8% of their genome with a “super archaic” and totally unknown species that dates back around 1 million years. It appears that the Denisovans bred with a mystery species from Asia – one that is neither human nor Neanderthal. Traces of the unknown new genome were detected in two teeth and a finger bone of a Denisovan. In fact, there were several studies last year which pointed to the fact that there is unknown species in our family tree that is yet to be identified.

The methods employed by the research teams may provide the first glimpse at this mystery species by enabling the partial reconstruction of genomes of unknown groups of ancient humans within the Denisovan DNA.

Advances in technology are truly changing our understanding of who we really are and our ancient origins.

Stop allowing whites people to manipulate you from the truth.

F. Jones