African-American is a term that is a misnomer. Either you are African-centered or you are not. Either you are fully committed to African Liberation or you simply want to carve out a safe and comfortable existence in the United States until the USA is toppled. If an African-centered military does not topple the United States someone else will.

American means European. America and the American flag is a symbol of White male dominance and domination. When you call yourself an African-American you are saying subconsciously no matter how much “black talk” you talk, you are loyal to the European government of North America.

You can’t serve two Gods, you will hate one and despise the other no matter how much your rhetoric seems to be militant. When I hear a person say African-American some say it with a patriotism based upon the power of the European male who is in the United States. Some African people talk with pride about bleeding, dying and being slaves. They are proud to have served European men and when it is all said in done in the reality of the United States of America is a White Hegemonistic power that will never give what you put into it. What group of men are proud to have served another group that ultimate wants to destroy them.

Afro-Jamaican, a term. Psychologically, you see yourself as Jamaican and not as African and in the case of Jamaicans they are proud Brits. They will fight against Africa. Maybe not the Rastas like Sizzle and Buju Banton. I believe they Rastas of Jamaica are the only true African in Jamaica despite their contradictions.

African people in terms of power, control and wealth are not Americans. They are subjects of America. African people in Jamaica, Haiti, England, and Canada are all subjects to the will of the European race. These hyphenated Africans are creating a negative self-fulfilling prophecy in their life. You can’t be African and American. America was to destroy Africa and will use you to do it. Just like its no such thing as “Biracial African”. Two of something can’t be loyal or patriotic to one of something.

African people living in the United States have many mental barriers to overcome as well as those on the continent. We must respect the psychology and experience of people based upon where their personality was shaped but we must not pay honor to the Europeans who colonized them and enslaved them.

An African who was shaped by the United States will not have the same personality or mentality as an African shaped by Guyana. An African shaped by Germany will not have the same experience as an African shaped by the British. A nationality is not merely a name or place you live a nationality comes with a history and a psychology.

I will give you a real life example. A Vietnamese person born in the United States will see the Red Cross vastly different than a native Vietnamese. The Red Cross during the Vietnam war used military force against the Vietnamese people, this is still embedded in the memory of the people who live in Vietnam they see the Red Cross as evil. Who is a Vietnamese person born in the United States to tell the Vietnamese they should not feel animosity toward the Red Cross.

An African who ancestors were shaped by the Guyana experience has no idea of what shaped the Africans of the United States. All African people share a common history, a common struggle but we went through a different variation of European domination. Africans who were forced to pay hut taxes and were murdered by the British but maybe maintain their connections with the continent and African names are slightly different than an African who was seasoned in the United States or Jamaica. To ignore these differences is ignorant.

To make false claims based on your emotions without documentation to prove what you are saying shows emotional instability. To disrespect deceased people who are icons and are non-White shows that you are not prepared to be a leader. Some things should be left alone. When you show no respect for honorable dead people and try to inject your feelings against the history of another people you are headed nowhere.

African people should respect the laws of the land of where they live but they should be African first, second and last. No matter where an Italian lives he is Italian first. No matter where an Russian live he is a Russia. African people should adopt the same RACE ONLY mentality. These European made up nationalities are man made. Why should Africans define themselves by borders created by White men? So, should Africans live in non-Africans terrorties simply to take advantage of those socities with no patriotism and loyalty toward the nations? YES! Africans should exploit every situation possible in the world for the benefits for their families and the African collective.

African people must grow up and define the world from an African centered view. I will not allow any African with mixed loyalites around me no matter if I have to stand alone. The end game for Africans is not in England, United States or any other White controlled area. The end game for the true Africans is to develop a super power on the continent that is ours.


The black man is re-created because he’s separated from his African self . . . that’s the process. You cannot be an AFRICAN and a SLAVE at the same time. You cannot be truthfully and pridefully an African and relate to each other as African people the world-over and be the dupes and subordinates of European [and other] power – it can’t happen. The ruling of Africans the world-over is brought through the process of FALSE INDIVIDUALISM and SEPARATING THE AFRICAN IDENTITY. The slave experience wasn’t just an exploitation of labor but it was ultimately a BRAINWASHING procedure. What is happening to the African during this process: why is the African losing language, culture, social organization, perspectives, religion, etc.? YOU WILL SEE AN AFRICAN BEING NIGGERIZED – BEING TURNED INTO A SERVANT! If you are at one with your identity, no other identity can be placed in you. It’s only when you become separated from your African identity that you leave a vacuum for another identity to be introjected and inculcated into your personality.

In order for the servility and inferiority complex, the loss of self-confidence and pride, the loss of a sense of mastery and collectivism, we had to first be separated from our African identity by the people who would use us. This was done by having us become ignorant of our African culture and by degrading and associating everything African and black with negativity. The associations to things African and black is such that many want to escape from things African and black. Through rewards and punishments, the Europeans [and Arabs] have separated the African from his identity. They’ve effectively loaded the African identity with negative associations that even the African doesn’t want to identify with it. WE GET INTO ABSTRACTIONS: “I’M AN AMERICAN; I’M A HUMAN BEING”–ANYTHING BUT AN AFRICAN! It’s this separation that provides the energy for others to dominate us, and you’ll see it early in African children. WE ARE POSSESSED – ALIENATED! – Dr. Amos Wilson