Listen to 10:30 to 10:35  “We maybe the saving voice or the saving grace of this country, if we follow ACBN”

Well, I want to state for the record I am not ACBN and I don’t believe in saving any White male controlled country. I will exploit a White nation for what resources I can fleece out of it but my ultimate goal is the removal of the White man as a source of power in this world.

You believe in Capitalism but you don’t like Amazon purchasing Whole Foods for 14 billion dollars?

This guy talks about conspiracy theorist but doesn’t even understand how Capitalism works. LOL

Whole Foods will not go out of business and if anything Amazon will improve their supply chain if you even know what that is.

Walmart destroyed mom and pop chains, Amazon will improve smaller brands. Smaller companies join bigger companies to expand and grow because in Capitalistic Business sometimes a business reaches a point to where it can take the business no further and then you allow a better business person to come along and improve what you do while maintaining your management and keeping employees.

Wal-Mart did not join existing companies with their own they put them out of business, this guy claims to have a degree in Geology which I highly doubt because he lives in New York and was in the military because any Geology worth a damn will work for Exxon or British Petroleum.

ACBN much like any American crackpot had some great ideas which will be beneficiary to African people but ultimately it was all just tough talk. Take the good and forget the rest.

This video is the most insane thing I ever heard. “Capitalism is in tune with nature”. Yet you have holes in the ozone layer and marine life destroyed. Now, will I do a bunch of capitalistic shit in the future absolutely but I will never lie and Capitalism is in tune with nature, Capitalism is a necessity because of the threat of extermination by the White race. We must develop planes, guns, satellites, and rockets to build an independent African nation.

I am not seeking to be some “revolutionary” under the US Consitution or White Hegemony. The USA is a way to an ultimate means of African Liberation. If you are clear about that continue to follow my blog because where I am headed ultimately is to real freedom and power and that is African Nationhood outside of the US, Canada, and UK. You can’t serve two Gods, nor can you serve two nations, you will hate one and love the other.