This is pure insanity at its finest. These homosexuals are aggressively gunning for children. You actually have something called LGBTQ Teacher of the Year. My first experiences with racism were in Western Educational Centers. White women who were feminist abused and punished me throughout my educational experience. I even have video of footage of White homosexuals being run out of the community by some African-Somali and African-Jamaican Children in Toronto.

Black boys who don’t accept the Homosexual culture of White men will be sent to LD, these White homosexuals will terrorize them from each grade per year. They will call Black children parents and makeup lies on Black children and they will seek to put Black boys on Ritalin who opposes this lifestyle.

Black children today have it even harder than I did. They are being attacked by the feminist and LGBTQ movement. The African man has been a source of power for Europeans. The White race has come among Black people and created division and chaos. They are promoting the worse image possible of us.

The United States of America is doomed. African people keep your Black sons and daughters away from homosexuals. This Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender madness of White people and their imitators will create cultural and social decay that will lead to destruction.

Dr. Bobby E. Wright said it best, science is simply two White people sitting in a run and saying this is how the world will be and if you don’t like it we will flunk you or kill you. They are actually sanctioning heterosexual people in the USA job market. Slavery, Homosexuality, and Destruction is the lasting legacy of Whites among Blacks.

Dr. Bobby. E Wright and Dr. Kamau Kambon had the solution!