North Korea is a nation of law and order. Otto Warmbier in a typical White fashion thought he would tear down a poster in North Korea and be funny. White Americans and other apologist claimed that Mike Brown deserved to die for selling a cigar. The store owner said that Mike Brown did not steal a cigar, he actually paid for it. Then Eric Gardner was murdered by the NYPD officer for selling a loose cigarette. Trayvon Martin was murder because he defended himself against a stalker.

Now if we go on Twitter look at White America’s responses:

They want #JusticeforOtto. These same people said nothing about the state sponsered terrorist attack on African people that has been taking place in the United States for centuries. The same people who tweeted that Trayvon Martin was a thug, 6’2″ 230 and other racist nonsense are now calling for justice for a White man who committed vandalism in North Korea. The Whites claim the “crime” was petty but had it been a Black man who had ripped down a poster, he would have been called a thug, Negro-Americans would have been jumping all over themselves to say he shouldn’t have ripped down the poster.

These devils are calling North Koreas war criminals when on a day to day basis White Americans commit international crimes against Black children in the school system, legal system, and justice system. The death of Otto Warmbier is a positive sign that the world is growing tired of these parasites who walk around the world as if they are immortal and can’t be killed. White people everywhere they are on the planet are committed to destroying and making people’s lives miserable so they can live a “DREAM”.

The Global White economy is built upon White welfare and interference in the lives of people who were not harming them or even had Whites on their mind. We see today in Africa the negative impacts these people have had and they give a skewed version of history which acquits them.

The Whites want to eliminate my race through abortion, race mixing and economic and psychological social engineer to eliminate the Black race while getting us to help them and also make it look as if we are doing it to ourselves.

On Twitter, there are news agencies reporting on this from every White nation. These same White nations are silent when Blacks are murdered and killed. I even see Negroes who are crying about this White boy. If you check their timeline they say nothing about the murder of Blacks at the hands of USA. Why? Because they want to integrate, assimilate and join Whites in dominating the world even tough the Whites will eliminate if Blacks if we don’t act to stop them.