African people, what has everyone being American done for the Apache, Lakota, Chippewa, Algonquin Nations? The propaganda being sold to African people is that White people bring so many benefits with them when they enter your land.

My Retort: How many Native American owned TV Networks exist in the USA? How many Native American owned Car Manufacturing Plants Exist? Does the USA Government pay taxes to the Native Americans? How many authentic looking Native Americans exist?

White people’s adaptation of your identity leads to the eventual extermination of your group over time. When White progressives speak to eliminating race it is double talk. They are talking about the elimination of other races of people. So many self-loathing African people who adopt this European view seeks non-African partners but ironically enough seek to try and be representations of African people progressing in a European controlled and dominated society.

White Liberals have Black promoting Queer Culture which is a part of European culture meanwhile they are paying African people to pervert African culture by injecting into Queer culture because Whites know that African people are a moral people. If African people see you as an immoral people, they will not allow you to dominate them and dominate them.

You already having White people who claim to be Black and are getting jobs and positions in the United States of America for being White. One White American even went to Africa calling herself trans-racial.

This is called Psychological Terrorism. Dr. Bobby E. Wright stated clearly: Mentacide is “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a group’s minds with the ultimate objective being the extirpation of the group. You have White men and White men proclaiming to be the mothers and father of African people for what logical reason? Do you honestly think it is to benefit the African Race? Can you be that naive and dumb? African people should be alarmed enraged at these White who are openly homosexual adopting African children, Whites who are openly proclaiming that they are Black.

The Congo is said to have 24 trillion dollars in mineral resources and the White race is hell bent on making sure they get all of it and they plan to recruit Black people to help them do it. 24 trillion dollars is enough money to end Black dependency which will ultimately lead to Blacks saying we will not listen to or obey any White Authority in the world. Whites understand that a true African Consciousness will lead to the overthrow of White power and influence over Blacks. Whites want to make Blacks comfortable yet control and oppress us at the same time. Then they pay people like Dez Bryant to mock us with these talks of self-responsibility. No race of men can truly be responsible until they control the Four Sovereignties of a Race: 1. Monetary 2. Legislative 3. Territorial 4. Economic. I think we need to add another Sovereignty called Biological Authenticity. This will eliminate the ability of aliens to bastardized the African race and destroy it from the inside using a “Fifth-Column.

The Five Sovereignties of the African Race:

  1. Monetary
  2. Legislative
  3. Territorial
  4. Economic
  5. Biological Integral Authenticity