African people are told that race is a social construct but everywhere we see Black people trying to create organization there are non-Blacks suing because Blacks will not allow non-Blacks to get positions within organizations that are for Black people.

Rachel Brothers a non-Black woman sued and defeated the Black Novia Scotians Education Association because Brothers sued a poor and struggling organization for discrimination based on race, color, and age. They then called this Colorism. My question is, has there ever been a lawsuit filed against White people who openly discriminate against Biracial people by saying you will never be White.

Rachel Doezel another non-Black woman sued Howard Universtiy based upon race because she claimed because she was White she was fired in what is suppose to be a Black institution. We know as African-centered people that one of the tenements of racism is control of your life sustaining institutions. Why should African people allow people who feel they are Black to control their institutions when no other group does allow this.

In the United States in the 1970s there were affirmative actions laws brought into practice to give Blacks more access to institutions that historically denied them. Somehow by the time the Affirmative Action Law was passed, it went on to include these groups: women, handicapped and older peoples.

White women were allowed to water down the Affirmative Action laws which were supposed to be a remedy for 255 years of slavery and 100 years of jim crow laws. Since the 1970s, White women have been the number one group to benefit from Affirmative Action Laws but has sued to get the law overturned to get the law to EXCLUDE BLACK PEOPLE based upon their ASSUMPTION that they did not get into a University because of BLACK STUDENTS. They never target White women, Poor Whites, Homosexuals, Handicapped people their number 1 TARGET is African people in the United States.

I have never seen a Black person or a White person sue a University they did not get into based upon the gender section of the Affirmative Action policy because there are too many White women in a class.  How is it you don’t have a single lawsuit in which the legitimacy of White women being in a class over a Black person?

This is the type of racist environment people of color creates for Black people. We must create a model similar to Jewish Days Schools and get off the government dole because White governments will always seek to devalue African people.