I wasted some of the best years of my life in public schools and going to a public/state University. When I was younger I have no idea how, but for some reason, I was pro public school. I would debate with my other classmates on the importance of public schools the irony of this was because I had enthusiasm and fire for life, my White public school teachers terrorized me more than they did the Black kids who went to the stereotypical route.

Even, when I went to University, I was getting kicked out of certain classes because of my views. I will say at least in University I was given full credit but I was kicked out more or less as not to influence the other students to think. I wasted valuable time and money in University. To become a doctor, you could be homeschooled and take the necessary courses at college while homeschool and get into any find medical school in the United States. Public schools hurt middle-class Whites who are the most racist and anti-Black people you will ever want to meet. Yes, they have a few Black mascots they pick per Black graduating class but knowing what I knew now I would have never stepped foot in public schools.

I would have been home schooled, with a computer and probably had a GED or High School Diploma by 12 of 13. I was on fire academically starting at the age 11 and maintained my high energy effort for school until around 17 when it started to become redundant.  I went to a top 100 public University whatever the hell that means and I was amazed at how much crap I had to go over again that I had already known.

Public Schools are filled with racist White liberals, homosexuals and people who treat other people’s children like they are dirty. Public schools allow thousands of White racist to earn a stable living, destroy Black lives and brainwash Black children to be against the best interest of their race.

If I can go back in a time machine, I would have made sure my parents homeschooled me and I would have simply mastered whatever home school program they had for me and supplemented my days with real education. Tim Tebow the European-American sports star was home schooled and still had a nice career in sports.

African people in the United States are the biggest supporters of White liberal policies that mean them no good and public schools are one of them. I wish I could have my childhood back and I would have spent it in gaining real knowledge, developing real skills and most importantly making money. Every person who has a young child should put ten- thousand USA dollars in a company they could see growing like Microsoft or even an Amazon. If you had invented 10,000K in Amazon in 1997 while in elementary school you would be sitting pretty today. This types of opportunities exist. That 10,000K dollars would be work around 3.5 million dollars. Having millions of dollars makes the world much different and eliminate some stress.

Public Schools primary job is to prepare kids for prison, the military or a life as a retail worker or warehouse worker. Keep your kids out of public schools and public universities. Most jobs require the trades taught at 2-year schools. If you are Black you aren’t going to get the same jobs as Whites or racially mixed people. Medical school is worth it for the long haul but you will socially isolated and lonely.

Memes like that are meant to manipulate you into support public schools but as an African person, you should see them as guides of how to become successful.

*Never put her own children in public schools

African people most teachers in public schools are White women. African men especially don’t have a fight in this mess. I am sure that Billionare also probably wouldn’t want her children using PUBLIC TRANSPORTATIONS, PUBLIC TOILETS or anything issues to the GENERAL PUBLIC.

I guess to the Leftwing Americans being intelligent is a bad thing. I am not a billionaire and my children will never attend a public school. Going around a bunch of freaks and weirdos will not help them. Public schools are a epic waste of time.