I will never forget as a 19-year-old college sophomore how I felt when I read The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey. This book articulated the things I had always wanted to say but never could find words and it also opened my mind up to a History of events I had never been taught. This book moved me toward’s the works of Dr. Amos N Wilson, Dr. Bobby E. Wright, and Chinweizu.

My 2nd year at University, I begin to become disillusioned with why I had even come to University. I felt powerless and I felt my race was powerless. At 19, I began to realize while sitting in my Introduction to Accounting course the terrible fate that would await me and the Black race. University taught me that the Black race virtually owned anything of any consequence and I was being educated to being nothing but a lackey for White men. I felt angry and betrayed and would express my feelings toward my father. My father who has a degree in Africana studies told me that my “rantings” reminded him for Marcus Garvey and purchased me the above book as a gift.

I remember this book took me out of my depression and feelings of powerless. Many of Marcus Garvey Negro critics would say he was a scam artist who purchased ships that failed but when I was 19, the fact a Black man even owned ships int he 1920s was amazing to me. I remember always hearing that Black people did not own ships and that Black people couldn’t do this and that Black people are hopeless. It was this book that set inside my a revolutionary spirit and it was this book as a basis I was able to go through University and dissect the deliberate racist intentions of Western Universities. And it was also how I knew I would spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to destroy them.

The other day I received and email from The Lumumba Afrika Report and he was giving me the honor to proofread and also write an epilogue of the first of what should be many more ACBN books. I couldn’t wait to get it and finally I checked my email and it was there. Once I started to read it I could not put it down. I knew reading this book, it would be to the future generations of Africans what Marcus Garvey’s book was for me. I will not give any of my readers any details about the book other than to say I played a minor role in helping it come to life and it will be the foundation for the liberation of African people for years to come.

There were holes in the theory of Garvey, Wilson, and Wright. The major hole was they did not define who is an African. They did not live long enough to develop and come to this logical solution though Dr. Bobby E. Wrigth touched on it. With the rise of Whites passing for Blacks now, there is a reason these men did not live long. The Universe took them away after they had done their life’s work and now the final hole in the theory has been solved and I believe that even as those of us who created this theory will pass on the future African generations will take the ACBN mantle and restore Africa.

There is much work we have to do, and that is why we were put on this planet. This book will change the African world. I see so many African men and women, I see it in their eyes, they are looking for a voice and ACBN is the voice that will awaken the true Africans and we will be successful and conquer our enemies.