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The Negro race is developing a class of millionaires or money hoarders, much more dangerous to the race’s life and existence than any similar group of men among any other race. The rich Negro is not philanthropic to his race. He does not proportionately give to or help his racial institutions as white people of wealth do.  (Marcus Garvey)



I have done several articles on this propped up traitor JAY-Z and how Whites are using him to create a new form of slavery that will destroy the Black race. JAY-Z is not the only one, also Robert Johnson the former CO-FOUNDER of BET is also a part of the scheme to keep Black men weak by giving the impression that we are making powerful moves or the lie that we need White people involved to make our businesses and companies profitable.

3 Years ago: I Wrote this Article Which needs to be revisited: https://amosmagazine.wordpress.com/2014/07/23/negro-american-business-what-a-black-business-looks-like-behind-the-curtians/


Whites plan to own and have a stake in everything a Black person owns, his land, his religion. This is enslavement at the highest level. JAY-Z is a shill to make that life look attractive.

Why self-respecting African people should not support JAY-Z? Sean Carter is anti-Black. I want you to think about JAY-Z’s famous quote ” I rather live enormous than dormant”. This quote deals with the fact that inside of working hard to become a Doctor, Lawyer or a Ph.D. and then create a multi-million dollar business he would use the African-American as a stepping stone to becoming a well dressed, well spoken and law abiding citizen in affluent White communities. So he will destroy poor Black people to join the Whites in oppressing Blacks.


He would engage in practices with Black men that were illegal and put their lives in danger but as soon as he achieved wealth he no longer cared to associate with the thousands of Black men who chose to work hard and go to college and earn degrees in Business, Computer Science and Textiles and Design. JAY-Z instead chose to take a lifestyle and culture that was created by Rich Porter, Albert Martinez and Calvin “Klein” Bacote and market it to White America and the world.


Instead of scorching the HBCUS and other institutions with Black men who have gone to college to escape the communities JAY-Z played a role in destroying this guy doesn’t go to repair those people he gives the jobs and opportunities to White kids who go to college so they can exploit a culture that degrades Black people without having to live in the communities or having family members destroyed by the likes of JAY-Z.  As I have gotten older I have grown to despise Russell Simmons and JAY-Z more than anyone because they gave me a false illusion that Blacks were progressing into big businesses when they guys are nothing but front men for White owned and operated businesses.

Japan which only has a population of 150 million has thousands of companies which are 100% Japanese owned and operated but Black Americans want to tell the Global Black Community of 1.2 Billion People with brown to black skin and African textured hair that we need Whites to manage our affairs when there are able-bodied Black people who could be trained into being competent business people?

So Black people face an extreme kind of job discrimination in the private sector because Whites have outsmarted us into promoting people like JAY-Z, Robert Johnson and Oprah as a business success and signs of equality when in actuality the inequality is growing as these showcase Negroes advance.